Trying to get into this and play this but its so SLOW! help!

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  3. Trying to get into this and play this but its so SLOW! help!

User Info: styrrr

4 years ago#11
shadestreet posted...
Currently the iPhone has the best version of Final Fantasy Tactics WOTL as it has the following improvements:
-sound and music better than PSP
-slowdown is much less
-you can get all the multiplayer items one you beat the game for free

Additionally, supposedly once it comes out on Android they will be releasing an update for iOS to drastically improve the graphics. Someone posted pictures on the iPhone WOTL board. Looks great.

That was me. Keep in mind that FFT:WotL is already out on Android... in Japan. I believe there's no ETA on the American release, but hopefully this summer.

Also mentioned on the Famitsu page where I got these pics are: an increase in drawing speed (no more slowdown, hopefully), revamped game interface "that allows for full customization" although I'm not sure what that means exactly, along with standard multi-touch interface features (I believe this means stuff like pinch-to-zoom, etc). There's even a "fast-forward battle" option somewhere in the works, too... though like the other things, I've no idea how it will work.

Supposedly there was a price cut as well... but that remains to be seen if it will make the jump across the ocean.

For those that wish to see the graphical enhancements, here's an album of 6 pictures I found on a Famitsu's website*:


I've tried searching for a video showcasing the new graphical enhancements to no avail, unfortunately. I'm kind of shocked that *nobody* has uploaded a video of the new features and such... but perhaps I am looking in the wrong places?
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User Info: shadestreet

4 years ago#12
That looks incredible...thanks for the research... I was really skeptical at first, that just looked too good to be true

User Info: ipsofacto23

4 years ago#13
LOL! Don't think there's anything wrong with spoiling a game that came out in the late 90s.

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User Info: snakenamedjoe

4 years ago#14
I own this game on PSP and PS1. I prefer to play the PS1 version as a rom on the psx emulator. The fast forward function is great and makes the game much more playable. Save states are great too, especially between sequential battles. I can save my game after making changes to my units so that if I lose and have to try again I don't have to remember to make all my changes again.

The PSP version does include a few improvements, but nothing I can't live without. In fact, some of the changes to the PSP version I quite dislike, such as the changes in the charge times for the summoner class.
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  3. Trying to get into this and play this but its so SLOW! help!

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