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User Info: JustinS1985

4 years ago#1
I kind of doubt enough people still look at this board for me to find someone to help out with this, but I've just spent the last 45 minutes playing around with the search function and google so I'm kind of desperate. What I'm looking for is a save right at the start of the game with 10-15 of each of the multiplayer items added to my inventory and nothing else. No stat changes, no crazy jobs or bonus AP etc. I'm planning to play through the game normally, but I want to have those available to play with once I hit max level. Pretty much every game I found unlocked all the jobs, or gave me 99 of every single item in the game, which takes away all the challenge. Anyway any help would be greatly appreciated.

User Info: Metastase

4 years ago#2
World Map > Start > Party Roster > Start > Equipment > View List > X > X > Discard > 89~99.

Being realistic though, you would never have 10 Sage Rings, Brave Suits and some other very rare multiplayer only items.

User Info: JustinS1985

4 years ago#3
I actually finally got lion editor to work so I made my own :D

If anyone else wants a save like this here is a link

User Info: InsecticonClone

4 years ago#4
Thank you...this is the save file I was looking for.

If by chance you end up doing more with the editor, please let me know.

Drama sucks...
PSN: InsecticonClone

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