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User Info: El_Lingo

4 years ago#1
Is there a way to keep the camera from rotating on its own? I think its trying to give a better view, but it's really annoying when I have the angle right already.
Also, what is the standard party size? Is it 5? And do you usually have some guest taking up your slots?
And I forgot the biggest question. How the **** do you cancel a characters movement action? Like when you move an archer and see you got the range wrong, and need to reposition?
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User Info: styrrr

4 years ago#2
1) I don't think the camera can be locked.

2) Before reaching Lionel Castle, the usual party size is 4 during story battles and 5 during random battles, if I remember correctly. After reaching Lionel Castle, it is 5 for story battles and 5 for random battles.

3) Once Mustadio and Agrias become full-time party members you will only occasionally have guests, usually for side-quests but not always. Some guests, like Ovelia and Alma, can and *should* be stripped of their gear. Alma in particular has some very rare gear! Some guests will also steal your gear away if they leave, so be very careful not to give them anything rare.

Also, at Zierchele Falls, due to a bug in the system Gaffgarion's gear is stripped and given to you after the battle. If you steal anything from Gaff before he flees, it will be duplicated! This is especially great for the Close Helmet as it only becomes available at the start of Chapter 3!

There's also another great bug to exploit if you have a LOT of time, if you power-level Gaffgarion up to level 90-99 and unlock the ninja job in the previous story battles, then give him the 'Throw Knight Swords' ability, you can get various knight swords early on in Chapter 2 once he turns on you by using Stick Fingers! This is awesome, but very time consuming, as he will throw certain knight swords based on his level. Lvl99 for Chaos Blade, and I forget what the others are, but he will throw: Excaliburs, Save the Queen, Defender, etc, depending on his level. This also works for Katanas, if you want multiple copies of Masamune and Chirijiraden.

4) Unlike FFTA/2, movement cannot be cancelled once it is performed. This is annoying, but not that hard to 'fix'. Just get in the habit of counting how many spaces the enemy is away from your intended destination before moving there.

If your archers are using crossbows, you can actually bypass this by targeting the square behind the enemy if they are too close to normally hit. If aimed properly, the xbow will fire towards the square behind the enemy and will most likely hit them if possible. This is a very useful trick early-game before bows become available, but bows are generally superior for their ability to attack over allies and obstacles.

I'm really bad at ASCII art, but this is the "xbow trick" I talked about in the above paragraph. Legend:: A for your archer, E for enemy, "-" for an empty tile, and X for where you aim the xbow to fire at.

A - E - X

In the above situation, the enemy is too close to hit normally at only 2 square away. Aim behind the target and it will hit them. This can also work diagonally, if you aim in the square diagonally 'behind them' like so:

- - X
- E -
A - -

Bows *may* do this as well, but I'm not sure how bows work in regards to firing 'straight at' a target vs 'firing in an arc'. If the bow fires 'straight at' the target, the "xbow trick" I ASCII'd above can still work, but sometimes it'll do an arc and miss.
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User Info: El_Lingo

4 years ago#3
Thanks a ton! Bad news, but I guess I'll get used to not being able to cancel.
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User Info: Metastase

4 years ago#4
The trick with Crossbows can be done with Guns too.

As for positioning can choose ACT before moving to check the range of certain abilities and magicks you have the intention to use, CANCEL and then move and do it.

If you press SELECT when highlighting a weapon/magick, you can check its Range, Radius (1st number = area of effect, 2nd is Vertical range toleration), MP cost, magick Speed, if its Reflectable or not (curved arrow when it is, nothing otherwise), if it can be used with Arithmeticks and its effect.

When choosing to cast a Magick in battle, if you press right on the D-Pad it will show you when it will be released (along with units that will have their Active turns before the spell goes out).

With Range + Vertical tolerance + cast turn info you can plan your moves without error.

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