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User Info: BobDDstryr

4 years ago#1
So -
I've been trying to figure out which jobs/subjobs the special characters in my groups will have. I'm looking for things that will effective, and mesh well with their special jobs, and trying to level up in good jobs for them - but without de-levelling.

I've never been a big fan of throw or iaido, because I'm incredibly cheap, and don't like losing weapons.. :-P

For Ultima, he wants MA. So right now I'm keeping him as a squire, until I can switch him over to mime, for PA and MA growth. Also debating some levels as a geomancer or a knight.
For his subjob, I'm debating maybe black magic? maybe summoner? I've read that geomancer can be good, but its always seemed mediocre to me at best..

As far as I can tell, not much helps his gun abilities. So I'm thinking maybe level him with theif and then ninja for speed. For a subjob, maybe chemist, or mediator; or maybe keep him an engineer, but give him aim? Was also thinking that making his subjob knight, to break equipment from a distance could be fun; was thinking thief could be good - but then its even more obvious he's a gimped balthier..

start with knight - also probably level some as a dragoon. subjob - maybe a dark knight.. but I don't know that I want my whole group to be dark knights.. maybe a white mage, because while she wouldn't necessarily have much MA, it kindof fits with her holy knight job?

mime for magic attack; subjob of white mage or black mage maybe?

I've been thinking that he might be a really good dark knight; he already has to have low faith; then try to level him as a knight and a mime for PA/MA? I've heard that he can be really good as a black mage with the faith rod..

meliadoul - same as agrias - concentrate on knight/dragoon - maybe dark knight sub for her as well?

Orlandu - same as agrias, except he can level in his base class. I kindof feel like he really *ought* to be a dark knight, just so he can have ALL THE SWORDS!!

beowulf - concentrate on his base class, and MA - I've heard that he makes an amazing summoner

reis - apparently her base class is amazing to level in; she gets magic growth, but since she can't use a weapon I've kindof been thinking of making her subjob a monk? is there a better idea here?

cloud - apparently his limit skills are based on MA, and his PA will always be gimped because of the materia blade; so.. I know he needs swiftness from time mage. Time mage might make him more versatile, if he can cast slow on things to be able to hit them with limit breaks. It's also either fitting, or an abomination, for him to have meteor, when the whole point of vii is to stop it.. :-P was also thinking possibly dark knight here, but I'm leaning against it, since it gives good PA, but his materia blade won't be good for that

luso - he's basically the same as ramza, but with less innate MA.. not really sure; maybe the type of mage ramza isn't, if I make him one? maybe he's be a good dragoon?

balthier - his base class is supposed to be amazing; I've been thinking I'd like to keep him with guns, although I hear dragoon is amazing; if I keep him in his main class, what's a fitting subjob, since he basically already has aim and steal?

User Info: terran3999999

4 years ago#2
Ugh, you're all over the place.

As for Iaido, the chance of the katana breaking is pretty low so that means like a silly reason to hate it. It has to have some flaw, hell man you get no CT, smart targeting of allies and enemies, some very powerful buffs and even a smexy 8 range attack.

For some uniques, its better to stay in their original Jobs since it's what makes them special.

Ramza: You realize Ultima sucks ass in this game right? Ultima is always broken in every FF. Any way, Ramza gets enough MA that any magic skillset should work well on him.

Mustadio: I hate him too much to really say anything positive about him. Since Seal Arm and Leg is what he's good for you want to focus on those two skills. You could change him into a Ninja for two chances at it.

Agrias: If you're not going to bother with Holy Sword why even use her? What she should be depends on one question:
Are you willing to grind? If yes, DK with Holy Sword.
If no, Knight with Holy Sword.(assuming endgame)

The terrible twins: Might as well keep them in their original Job.

Mel: same situation as Agrias but if you don't want to grind then keep her as a Divine? Knight. Since her original Job doesn't suffer from such horrible PA penalty as the Holy Knight give her a sub that can heal herself.

ORLY: This guy is already an one man army. His sub should be focused on things he can't do which I guess is mostly healing others or buffing....

Beowulf: Stays as a Templar, he has good enough PA and MA to make good use out of anything.

Reis: ........the point of using Reis is for her amazing growth and very powerful MA so how the hell should a weapon matter?

Cloud: Five words: Finishing Touch trick pony.
The point of switching him over to Time Mage isn't for the debuffs....its for freaken Swiftness.

Luso: Hate him too much. Garbage clone.

Balthier: The same with Cid though his Sky Pirate Job is lacking some sort of AOE skill.
Katawa Shoujo: The visual novel that defies and kicks logic to the curb.
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User Info: PK_Rockin

4 years ago#3
For sooth.

I will add that you shouldn't worry about working on Mustadio because Balthier will replace him. You could say the same for Meliadoul, but it's nice to have a 3rd user of sword skills. Send Rapha, Marach and Luso home because they are redundant as well. Cloud isn't worth the time you will put into him.

Don't forget Reis can equip any of the female-only gear in her special job.

Balthier joins your party with all the damage-dealing Monk skills, so he has a secondary built in.

User Info: BobDDstryr

4 years ago#4
I dunno - the few times I've used Iaido, its seemed to break the sword about half the time. I don't know that I've ever seen the Masamuna *not* break...
If I can get enough of them, I suppose that might not be a problem; is Masamune the only one that's not purchasable?

I plan on either keeping everyone in their base jobs, or having their base jobs as a subjob. So yes - Agrias will definitely be using Holy Knight, for example. But then I'm looking for subjobs that will complement the abilites. That's why I'm thinking, for example, Marach as a Dark Knight; because both will benefit from low faith, if using I'm hell blades. Although Dark Knight uses PA, and Marach's abilities use MA, so maybe that's not a great combination...

Anyways - thanks for the advice!

User Info: terran3999999

4 years ago#5
It could be just bad luck. Masamune and Chirijaden? are not purchasable but you can Catch an infinite amount, along with many different weapons, from high level enemy Ninja.

The main problem with Agrias is she suffers from a huge lack of PA that's why most either go DK or just regular Knight. Remember, Knightswords are also very picky when it comes to which Job can equip them.

For uniques, I feel that if you're not at least using part of their amazing stats or skillsets and just for the sprite it kinda defeats the purpose. If possible try to pick a sub that complements Marach's Nether Mantra.
Katawa Shoujo: The visual novel that defies and kicks logic to the curb.
Official contender to fight for Lilly as waifu.

User Info: ulquiorra1031

4 years ago#6
For ramza i'd go for monk or DK with mettle as secondary.

Agrias would be DK with her holy sword.

Miliadeul(?) is her base job with Darkness.

Orlandu as his base with Darkness.

Cloud as his base with Iado (if i can raise his MA).

Balthier as his base with Arts of War,Item or Martial Arts.

User Info: infinitexx

4 years ago#7
I find Reis with Iaido to be much better than Martial Arts. Going with Martial Arts means you want to use Brawler so they're halfway decent, but Arcane Strength is a much better passive on Reis.

Even ignoring the last two abilities if you don't want to risk your less common swords, Iaido gives strong healing, protect/shell, AoE close range attacks that make the fact that you're using a bag irrelevant, and Kiku-Ichimonji for long range when Holy Breath doesn't have height variations or tons of targets to make up for randomness.
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User Info: ChaosShrine

4 years ago#8
Since you half mentioned it, Mustadio's skills are Speed based (and Dual Wield on Musty and Balthier can completely shut down enemy teams, if that helps you decide anything).

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