IGN Colonial Marines 2 hour live stream today

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User Info: DemSkeetSkeetMF

4 years ago#121
The Devourer posted...
DemSkeetSkeetMF posted...
I know I already have it pre-ordered but I feel the stream cut down any doubts that others may of had. I for one would still buy it unless it was a complete failure because I love to support my favorite franchises, after all, that's how they keep going. AvP for the 360 was a fun game, not groundbreaking by any means but I am glad I still supported it.

I would not wait for this game to be in bargain bins because I want to experience the full multiplayer with the largest online community. You know it's going to die off eventually(I wish it wouldn't). It'd be nice to have a nice dedicated online community like some of the larger franchises but we all know that's not going to happen.

I haven't touched my 360 in a few weeks(was playing BOII but it's getting boring). I think this will be a nice change of pace when it gets to my door.

I was on the fence. I was hoping the stream would remove my doubts on it. I actually switched my preorder at Gamestop from GOWJ to this and put all my gift card on it so now I owe a whopping 20$ for it. I'm pretty excited. The game looks awesome.

I'm surprised you've hung onto BO2 so long. I ended up trading mine in because the lag was unbearable.

I generally hold onto games, not worth my time to sell or trade. It expands my gaming library which I've been cutting back on buying a lot. I won't be passing up on an Alien game.

User Info: MidianGTX

4 years ago#122
CarpeCapricorn posted...
I was glad to hear that adding more co op players during campaign doesn't result in simply having more xenos thrown at you in an effort to amp up difficulty. I'm not sure if it was said during the livestream or in an interview elsewhere, but they specifically addressed it. Making it more difficult to accomodate additional players was something they handled dynamically and modified each encounter in a unique way. Not JUST throwing more numbers at you. Exciting.

Bah. I want more aliens. I want to be completely overrun and outnumbered. I want chaos. I want **** to hit the fan. The very worst thing would be to keep enemy encounters the same but ramp up the HP, now that's lazy game programming.
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