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User Info: narf001

4 years ago#1
In the YouTube video posted here, the player went through the main menu screen and there is an "Extras" like Borderlands 2. There is a place to enter shift codes, any idea(s) what the codes will get you? In BL2 you got to open a chest that gave you an item that was at your characters current level.

User Info: JON4495

4 years ago#2
It could be cosmetic armor. During Halloween the shift codes for borderlands got you a Halloween themed skin

User Info: narf001

4 years ago#3
Anyone else know or have some guesses what they will be used for?

User Info: truesubzero

4 years ago#4
XP boost codes are given away with preorder.Someone else on this board got an XP boost code with 25 digits and asked where you had to input the code.

User Info: Dar

4 years ago#5
Well if you make and register a shift account linked to your console account, they give you a free upgrade point almost instantly.

User Info: Arandomthought

4 years ago#6
shift codes= graphic updates, added a.i. line codes, and added campaign content through script changes, and skin changes.

In all seriousness though, they'll most likely be used for double xp, weapon skins(since they had an "abundance" during game creation) as well as a combination of the reserved items(gamestop exclusives) would be my best guess.

I honestly can't wait to see what's in store for this game as I'm having fun with it, and it can only get better from here.
Rob ign: rlee1988
Xbox live: rlee1988

User Info: Sedokk

4 years ago#7
There is a page similar to the BL2 Shift Codes which I use for a list of A:CM Shift Codes:

There was a code there that gave me a cool emblem

have fun

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