Help for "Make it Count" Challenge?

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User Info: Astroman98765

4 years ago#1
I have to shoot an entire mag from the service pistol into enemies without missing. Any special areas I could do this with ease?

User Info: shadowblade000

4 years ago#2
^ probably lies ^

User Info: johnnycigar

4 years ago#3
Or mission 2 on the lowest difficulty. There are a lot of humans you can shoot fairly easily. If you fail, the restart is very convenient.

User Info: Creeping_Dark

4 years ago#4
I somehow got this by accident after getting pounced by Lurkers several times and emptying into them. Probably not of any use to you, but I thought it was funny.

User Info: hero552

4 years ago#5
Mission 1, the first xeno. After it jumps you and runs away. If you sneak by it slowly, you can take some shots without it reacting
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User Info: carporama

4 years ago#6
I got it with the battle rifle in TDM. Use the smartscope

User Info: motosyko21

4 years ago#7
I completed the similar challenge with the rifle while shooting at the queen in the final level. Stands to reason that the pistol challenge would unlock similarly. I'll have to confirm once I get to that challenge, though...

User Info: CMax

4 years ago#8
Private Death Match. Have a buddy wake up the Boiler. Have the Boiler stand right next to you, shoot it till it explodes and both die.

Not sure if it's glitched like that or if it's misworded and means "don't miss a shot until you die".
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User Info: bearinbluehouse

4 years ago#9
No offence guys, but there's some horrible advice in this topic!

Johnnycigar has a solid method though - I used that part of the campaign to complete both the 'full clip don't miss' challenges. Put the silencer on the pistol and make sure not to use high velocity rounds and you can put several more into each enemy before they die.

I could not get this challenge by firing every round into the Queen - that's what I tried first before heading back to chapter 2
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  3. Help for "Make it Count" Challenge?

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