Better Sequel: Aliens or Terminator 2?

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User Info: Stonedwolfed

4 years ago#41
Mvsevm_of_Skin posted...
I love T2, but T1 will always be the king of the hill: T1 > Alien > Aliens > T2

You win the thread.
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User Info: sinyx

4 years ago#42
Yea, this is like asking which do you prefer, left or right arm. Funny little thought train though, Terminator was written and directed by James Cameron. So wasn't Aliens.
both had Michael Beihn as the lead male hero, Bill Paxton in it as comic relief, and Lance Henricksen as interesting side character. Also, watching the first Terminator, you can see the design for the Colonial Marines from the Resistance fighters.

I would say Terminator over Aliens for a few reasons. One it is a much deeper film on the whole, simply just scary and intense and talks about our ultimate fate being wiped out by our own creation. Even this game references it by putting "No Fate" on Hick's shotgun, "No fate but what we make." Truthfully it was also the inspiration for The Matrix and most current day post apocalyptic films. It goes that deep. It made the Top 100 films of all time along with Alien, not Aliens.

Second without it nobody would have given Cameron the chance to do Aliens and include all these awesome actors.

Lastly and certainly not least, it made Arnold Schwarzenegger a big star. Which also lead to Predator and so much else, Terminator is still going strong and getting solid sequels. T3 really being the worse one and that really wasn't horrid, the closet we got to an Alien sequel as of late was AVP:R and this canon entry. Prometheus was more or less a tie in, but still lacking.

Really, they just are all great movies sharing one theme like Hellraiser and Halloween, watch the first 2 films and forget the rest. Even Halloween I go as far as to say only watch the first and preserve the awesomeness of that film.
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User Info: Marius_D

4 years ago#43
RycerX posted...
Marius_D posted...
Your idea has been done aswell, more or less. It even had flying/driving sections aswell as a plot that lead into the first movie. Good game.

Which one was that, Dawn of Fate or something else? That was a pretty good game, matter of fact, very underrated.

Took awhile to reply but only just read this, the game was Terminator Future Shock on the PC. Created by Bethesda if i recall right.

Each level was pretty much an open map, you were given your objectives and then left to go about it. Some buildings were seperate maps you could look around for weapons/health/ammo, different types of Terminator roamed around, overall a fun game.

The sequel to it wasn't bad either, but if i remember right that was more a MP focused game.

User Info: M4karov

4 years ago#44
You know what game wasn't bad? That Terminator 2 game on the NES. I'm not talking about the shooter, I'm talking about the one that's like a sidescrolling beatemup with a really short looking arnold. It even has a t-1000 that hunts you down and keeps reforming after you shoot it.

User Info: IdTheDemon

4 years ago#45
From: faxmachne | #002
Aliens for me, but then I consider Terminator to be better than Terminator 2


Terminator was a dark and gritty horror movie and having a human as a protector gives so much more tension to the plot.

Besides, that club scene and the two car chase scenes are among the best action scenes in the movie franchise.

As for Alien vs Aliens, it's probably the most slimmest margin ever. Alien is this claustrophobic nightmare with a lot of terrifying scenes but Aliens has so many memorable scenes and characters that it's a tough call. - Random Wow screenshots
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