The ****...I die way too fast on normal.

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  3. The ****...I die way too fast on normal.

User Info: Teh_Dr_Phil

4 years ago#1
A few hits from an alien, tops.

Just started encountering human enemies and, with no way to crouch/take cover, I get mowed down in under a few seconds.

Wtf is this ****?

User Info: elbarto1

4 years ago#2
Dunno. I breezed through ultimate badass. Very few challenging segments IMO.
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User Info: Teh_Dr_Phil

4 years ago#3
I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to call some degree of bull**** on "breezing through" on very hard when I've died somewhere between 10 and 15 times already, and I'm only on Mission 3.

If your health depletes this fast on normal, I imagine you wouldn't last more than a second of concentrated gunfire on you so I don't see how you could've gotten through relatively painlessly.

No offense or anything, just saying this based on my experience with the game.

User Info: bhamacuk

4 years ago#4
I don't know how you're playing it exactly but it isn't that hard. I played on UBA diificulty and there were only a handful of sections that were tricky and they were human enemy based segments.

The trouble is, your squad mate doesn't take down any enemies. they are just there to create the illusion, so its all up to yourself.

Also sloppy ai programming means that all the enemies focus their fire upon you, it's that sort of game. The type of thing we see in lesser quality titles.

Enemy grenade deaths from out of nowhere kills you a lot = cheap deaths.

Instant headshot deaths by enemies = cheap deaths.

other than that it is fairly easy for what's supposed to be the hardest setting.

You can crouch btw. I forgot the button (is it B?), but you can crouch which was something missing in the AvP game.

User Info: ElevenOhNoes

4 years ago#5
I'm only playing on normal, but I'm like 85% sure I've seen AI squad members kill enemies on that difficulty.

TC you really need to use cover more. The AI is more accurate than you, so crouch (it's the B button) and hide behind walls, popping out to shoot them, or try to situate yourself so that you can aim at them, even just an arm or leg, but they can't see you well. Sure there's no button to make yourself stick to a piece of cover like it's glue, but work on it and you should start doing better.
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User Info: ReturnOfFrank

4 years ago#6
Shoot aliens in a corridor, shoot human enemies in a corridor. It's really not that hard even on ultimate badass due to the constant health, armour and ammo powerups unrealistically placed on every level.

User Info: bhamacuk

4 years ago#7
Also don't forget your melee attacks and just retreat if you're felling overwhelmed! The enemies, especially human ones, have scripted ai so they will always spawn in exact same locations.

Use this knowledge if you have to redo a level.

User Info: evilmark443

4 years ago#8
bhamacuk posted...
Also sloppy ai programming means that all the enemies focus their fire upon you, it's that sort of game. The type of thing we see in lesser quality titles.

Idk what your talking about as far as "lesser quality titles", I've seen this exact same problem in pretty much every CoD game I've ever played. Only franchise I can think of that doesn't have this problem, at least not as bad anyway, is Halo.

And what I found effective in human sections if your having trouble, is to take your time and snipe with the battle rifle. Even levels that are supposed to be tense and fast paced (such as releasing the hangar controls at the end of thhe sulaco portion) have a limit to the enemy spawns, so you can snipe them all from a distance, then advance until the story triggers the next wave, rinse and repeat.

Aliens can be deadly at times, particularly on higher difficulties. If you find yourself having trouble with them at any point just memorize their spawn points and blast away.

User Info: some09guy II

some09guy II
4 years ago#9
You die on normal? I die on UBA with aliens which take tons of damage coming from all angles or enemies chucking a grenade down my throat or surprising me around a corner with a shotgun. Other than that, the game's pretty easy. Oh, and you can take cover.

User Info: motosyko21

4 years ago#10
some09guy II posted...
Oh, and you can take cover.

Definitely useful when fighting human enemies.

When being overwhelmed by Xenos and you have to reload, either switch weapons or melee. That melee stuns the Xeno long enough for you to get a reload in on your pulse rifle and finish them off.
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