Things we learned from Aliens: Colonial Marines

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User Info: Creeping_Dark

4 years ago#1
1. We don't leave Marines behind.
2. A flamethrower attached to a Pulse Rifle is more than enough.
3. No one gets left behind.
4. Bishop has everything.
5. There's no extra Smartgun ammo, so you have to conserve it. That's why O'Neal barely ever uses it.
6. No Marine gets left behind.

User Info: crennigo

4 years ago#2
To think more before wasting money.

User Info: bhamacuk

4 years ago#3
Don't believe the (developers) hype.

User Info: KrazyKilo64

4 years ago#4
8. Hadleys' Hope was a marvel of future engineering; able to withstand a nearby 40 megaton explosion relatively intact

9. A Xeno called 'The Raven' is so badass that even your flashlight shuts off, so as to not outshine it.

10. Xenos have a weird grudge against Winters; so strong that they will often ignore all other opponents and go straight for him.

11. Relative to lesson 10, usually when confronted with these grudge holding bugs, your allies will let them by; afterall, it's better to let you two work it out than actually help.

12. No matter how many times you cut open and weld close a door, it will always work.

13. Pistols in the future will have more ammo than the NRA.
"If we were normal people we'd owe you an apology, but being a scientist means never having to say 'I'm sorry'."

User Info: bhamacuk

4 years ago#5
If there's anything worth doing, you might as well do it yourself.

i.e. shoot everything because the squad AI do *ziltch*.

User Info: carporama

4 years ago#6
Best multiplayer versus to come out in a long time.

4 player coop doesn't work out well in cramped corridors.

It's funny as hell to watch idiots try to run through the sewers

Taking out an entire Marine squad single handedly with your Xeno(non spitter) is one of the most epic moments in MP history.

99% of gamers on the planet think they are better writers, artists, game engine coders, AI coders, general coders, level designers etc.. then any of the highly skilled and trained professionals actually putting out games for them to play.

It attracted tons of haters of the game to the forums. Psychologist are conducting research as to why the haters just didn't go play COD instead.

People play games just for the graphics and want their AI partners to win the game for them while they watch the pretty pictures.

Gamers think $60.00 is an exorbitant fee for hours of entertainment. (well it's always been that way). I bet the gaming market would bare $100 per mainstream title.

User Info: CMax

4 years ago#7
XX.) We don't leave Marines behind, except for all the Marines we left behind.
You'll never realize how great a weapon a Cardboard Box is until you are naked and it's all you have.

User Info: NightSad

4 years ago#8
What I learned from Aliens CM:


GEARBOX dissapointed me again....

The demo footage was false... and I cant trust on them again....
I used to post a good thread like you, then I took an arrow in the knee.
xbox x360:GT: El Sadshadow

User Info: Runner_style

4 years ago#9
26) If you have a chestburster removed you'll get Xeno Cancer
27) Bishop from Aliens: "It is impossible for me to harm, or by omission of action allow to be harmed, a human being"
In A:CM: 'Weyland' Tortured Hicks for 13 weeks, and was going to kill the survivors given the chance.
If you don't agree with someone on GFaqs, you're either a troll, or a fanboy.

User Info: teehee23

4 years ago#10
"In space you can still hear the haters and internet trolls scream."
Don't hate us because we're beautiful...
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