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User Info: Eedrah

4 years ago#11
Micooliscool posted...
Eedrah posted...
The funny thing is, most of the haters have never even played the game, and flat out refuse to, they're just repeating what some reviewer said...

you are sooooooooooooooooo far from the truth there pal :)

I said most, not all, so no it's not such a far fetched claim. Read around a bit more, most people refuse to even buy this until the price drops...

User Info: MrSpaM111

4 years ago#12
I've had a good laugh playing Farming Simulator 2013 with some friends, but that dosnt mean i've managed to convince myself that it's actually a good game.

User Info: suprsolider

4 years ago#13
I will continue the hate because the game sucks. I played through the campaign at a friends house and it's crap.

Like another poster said, the story is crap. I like that posters story about the Engineers and it would tie into Prometheus.

But nope, instead they contradict Alien 3 instead and contradict the ending of the 2nd movie while they are at it.
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User Info: Newhopes

4 years ago#14
It's a dull boring game with so many little annoying things wrong with it that it's not even funny.

User Info: Rasputin77

4 years ago#15
TC... seriously... how f***ing old are you?

You "don't get" why someone would want to warn others about a product they were disappointed with? You can't be serious. Stop being sore that you're enjoying a sub-par video game, and let others express their opinions... just like YOU'VE done here.

And to associate the word "trolling" with the action of giving negative feedback about a game... UGH!!! You are the exact thing that's wrong with the internet, and this site. Learn what words mean before you use them... please? Expressing dislike for something IS NOT TROLLING. Holy f***.

Message boards are not restricted to sun-shiny, hand-holding, rainbows-and-gumdrops, happy-time praise-fests. Both sides of an issue are welcome to speak... so pull up your big boy pants, and deal with it. ;D
GameFAQs defintion of 'White Knight': Someone who made you realize you can't handle valid points or honest opinions if they come from certain posters.

User Info: killaz18

4 years ago#16
Iceman-X posted...
I love the game and score it 8/10, i've been playing co-op with friends and it's GREAT!!! What i don't get is if someone doesn't like something why do you have to come make posts about it??? Just stay away from it and be done. I happen to not like ANY Nintendo product but you will never see me on those boards trolling..... just get over it ok, some don't like it some do, end of it. I think the game gives you just what Aliens fans wanted.

You don't like Nintendo...You're a ******** ******* ****** ******* *****, ***** ********!!!!

Anyways...You have a problem son, you are emotionally attached to the Aliens universe, which is fine...But you are living in denial....I said there is still fun to be had with this game. Just because you are fond, and biased towards this series does not mean it deserve's scores that games like Dead Space 3 are getting.

Production quality is a major difference between Dead space 3 and Aliens Colonial Marines. ACM deserves the 4 it is getting, like i said there is still fun to be had with it...that alone does not justify an 8 out of 10.

User Info: Iceman-X

4 years ago#17
Yes i don't like Nintedo, i'm 37 and i don't play games made for children which is what Nintedo specialize at. And yes i stand by what i said if you think the game is bad fine that's your opinion. But coming on a board of a game that you don't like posting everyday... that's childish. If you don't like something fine get over it but you realize that you're coming on a board of something you don't like and posting, man you got alot of time i see. How old are you??? Go play something you like.
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