How to get a Gria.

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User Info: MajinUltima

9 years ago#1
A common question around here, with a semi-known but largely-unknown answer.

The earliest time you can get is when you have access to Fluorgis (just after the aerodome quest). Thereafter, you may be blessed with a Gria wanting to join a clan, in Fluorgis, in the month of Emberleaf (the last month of 20 days prior to an Auction season). She will appear as a "?" on the area map.
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User Info: Ganther313

9 years ago#2
Thanks for posting this.

User Info: Secret_starfall

9 years ago#3
I submitted a cheat on this hours ago! I'm suprised it still isn't up!

User Info: zoharemulator

9 years ago#4
Cheats take forever to post sometimes. Especially for a new game in which EVERYONE is submitting new cheats.

Plus... this isn't really a cheat or a secret. I daresay it might be rejected.
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User Info: MasterTurtle

9 years ago#5
Still a useful tidbit of information. </bump>
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User Info: MajinUltima

9 years ago#6
Well, many people did ask, so it's good to tell them.
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User Info: TcZuber

9 years ago#7
Is recruiting a Gria once per year the only way to open up their classes?

User Info: MajinUltima

9 years ago#8
I don't know about the classes yet, but I believe they involve quests.
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User Info: IceMage20

9 years ago#9
All unlockable classes involve quests. In fact, you can unlock Raptor before you even get a Gria (finish the quest, "Instrument of Inspiration").
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User Info: Eiba

9 years ago#10
In case anyone was wondering, I got the recruitment quest during Emberleaf (the month both Grias and Seeqs should show up), and the recruitment guy, who usually says what species you can get, said he had "all types" that month. I tried every combination of answers, and only ended up with only Seeqs and a whole lot of "you need to do a quest for this job" responses. This is odd, as I already managed to unlock a Gria class, so roughly half of the Seeq/Gria jobs should have been open.

In other words, yeah, I'm pretty sure there's a point you have to go past for them to be available, like the OP says.

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