where to get Rangetsu-denbu ?

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User Info: Tommymaster

9 years ago#1
Hey guys ,

i want two of these swords for learning dual wield ;)

but no guide atm holds information where to get it ....any hints would be nice


and greetz
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User Info: DesertSahagin

9 years ago#2
The easiest way would be bidding in the Graszton auction after becoming the area champ for life. It's the grand prize there.
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User Info: Arbitar

9 years ago#3
Auction or Sharp Edged Katanas - Rank A in bazzar
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User Info: KaiKusanagi

9 years ago#4
It's the grand prize for Grazston's auction and it is also the A-Rank katana in the bazaar under Sharp-Edged Katanas, if I recall.

User Info: lordtronix

9 years ago#5
you can get it from trading balots with other people, but i got the items from from quest like pococo's chocobos in chests plus stealing lvl 3 loot from random encounter monsters helps at getting the items.

User Info: Tommymaster

9 years ago#6
thx :D

im in a auction madness anyway atm... so freaky what you get there... and how easy -_-

think i will get some at gaz auction then

That was pretty interesting. But dropping a warship on me is cheating...take it back! --Id

User Info: BrinkofChaos

9 years ago#7
I have like 5 of those, and I don't even want them. I've gotten some from raffles with my bro, auction house is an easy way to get one and if you're lucky you can get one from an urn.

I would say just save a day before the auction right beside whatever city can give you the ragetsu-denbu and reset if it doesn't have it.
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User Info: Glaiel_Gamer

9 years ago#8
You can get it in an urn too.
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