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User Info: cloudx7xstrife

9 years ago#1
I need to find a chocobo for this quest. the petition does not state where to find one. i have not found one and the game hasnt told me how to get one. Mind helping me anyone?
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User Info: rdj522

9 years ago#2
1) Let the quest expire.
2) If you haven't done Popocho's Chocobos yet, do it now.
3) Get into a random battle at Targ Wood.
4) Weaken the Yellow Chocobo in that battle to critical health without debuffing it.
5) Get your Chocobo Knight to mount the thing.
6) Re-accept the mission.
7) Go to the spot.
8) ???
9) Profit!
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User Info: cloudx7xstrife

9 years ago#3
i have done the chocobo knight quest.
Thank you for telling me how to catch a chocobo.
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wifi record: 92wins 27loses.

User Info: Perplexity

9 years ago#4
you need a chocobo knight and you need to see the choc in battle. when you get it in critical condition, get your knight to walk up next to it and mount it. then select the ranchers request mission and go there. select your mounted knight as the character to talk to the archer guy. then they take your chocobo away from you :( i know that you can battle 5 yellows and 1 red in goug at some point in the year. i dont when. sorry.
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User Info: darkshadowspawn

9 years ago#5
The Seeding The Harvest quest tends to randomly choose chocobos...I've seen Yellow, Red, Brown, Black, and Green so far.
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