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User Info: Mechalibur

9 years ago#1
So... I've been trying to catch a black chocobo for a while now...

I looked at the rumors to find out that Black chocobos are in the Galeria Deep and the Rupie Mountains.

So I go into the Galeria deep... and I noticed ALL of the anhiram's have roulette. Even if I manage to kill two of them before they get to use roulette, it always seems to end up killing the chocobo :( Is there any way to prevent that from happening?

I figure that it's pointless to try that, so I go to the Rupie Mountains... that's all good, except... there isn't any black chocobo!!! I can find a white one, but that's it... Is it randomly white or black, or did the rumors lie to me?

Are there any other encounters with black chocobos where they aren't liable to die just to bad luck? I've done the Galeria Deep about 5 times so far and the chocobo has died each time (Once was because of an unlucky critical...)

User Info: Omega2227

9 years ago#2
cast reraise on him :P
then he can't die

User Info: angel14995

9 years ago#3
Get to the place and wait for the "random" encounter. Save before you go into battle, and then go from there. I had to redo the "get the green chocobo" things 12 times because of 1 extra damage or something small like that.

User Info: sanzu01

9 years ago#4
Dang sucks for u. But yea its all bad luck and the rumors lied. Its always white in the rupies.
And theres no other way to get the black chocobo except galeria.

User Info: Mechalibur

9 years ago#5
cast reraise on him :P
then he can't die

Oh... wow... how did I not think of that?!

Thank you!

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