Clan Building Tips + Superior Unit Build List (Please Sticky)

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    Post 1: Q & A and General Tips
    Post 2: Hume Builds
    Post 3: Bangaa Builds
    Post 4: Viera Builds
    Post 5: Nu Mou Builds
    Post 6: Moogle Builds
    Post 7: Gria + Seeq Builds

    -- Questions and Answers --

    Q: What is this guide?
    A: This is a listing of unit builds to help you select units for your clan. The unit builds are listed by race and are giving a one to five star or asterisk rating. Unit builds marked by a ***** (Five Stars) are particularly great builds. Suggested Reaction [R] and Passive [P] abilities are listed. If you're looking for a particular race of builds, use Ctrl + F and type the desired race you're looking for. There's also no particular order in unit build listing.

    Q: [Job Build] is a great unit! Why isn't it on here?
    These unit builds are mostly optimal in terms of damage. Of course you can complain why your much adored Black Mage/White Mage, Paladin/Fighter, or Fighter/Blue Mage build isn't listed. However, none of those aforementioned builds are optimal in sheer damage. Only YOU can decide what your clan needs for a specific challenge. For example, you may prefer substituting a White Mage for a secondary job because your clan needs Curaga and Arise support. That's fine, but most of your favorite support builds may not be found here. That's simply because having a White Mage secondary job is useless if you're trying to maximize your clan's damage.

    Q: I'm thinking about making an FAQ. May I use information listed here?
    A: This list can be quoted and used in future guides as long as you don't claim credit for this particular piece of work and I, Element_Seraph, am credited in your guide or FAQ. So if you're thinking about extending this list into a full blown guide, you may do so. All I desire is to be credited at the end of your guide. Permission is not necessary, as it's unlikely I'll be visiting these forums on a regular basis. This list won't be updated on a regular basis either. If these unit builds become obsolete in the future, I won't be here to update it for you. Hopefully another GameFAQs member can add on, remove, or edit unit builds as more effective builds are created.

    Q: This is a great guide! How can I help?
    A: You can help by requesting this topic to be stickied. Bumping is appreciated and promoting discussion on this topic of optimal unit builds is helpful, too. Maybe by discussing unit builds with other posters here, you can find even better unit builds to add into this list in the future!

    Q: What job should I use to raise this unit build?
    A: Job growths are open to opinions. Check Synangel (dragoon19911)'s guide to decide for yourself.
    Stat Growth Chart by Synangel --

    If a unit uses Dual Wield, it's more important to max ATK than MAG. If a unit uses Ultima attacks often, it's important to have a high MAG stat. If the unit uses exclusively Ultima and/or Magick attacks, then it's important to max MAG.

    By doing some math, I've found that a unit that trains 65 levels as a Parivir and 34 levels as a Blue Mage can expect 249 base ATK (Maxed) and about 180 - 190 base MAG. This is the best training to use for raising Humes who use Magick Frenzy or Hunter abilities (Ultima + Sidewinder) often.

    Hume ATK: Parivir
    Hume MAG: Black Mage
    Hume ATK + MAG: Blue Mage or Ninja

    Bangaa ATK: Master Monk
    Bangaa MAG: Trickster

    Viera ATK: Fencer
    Viera MAG: Summoner
    Viera ATK + MAG: Red Mage

    Nu Mou ATK: Beastmaster
    Nu Mou MAG: Alchemist

    Moogle ATK: Juggler or Mog Knight
    Moogle MAG: Black Mage

    Gria ATK: Ravager
    Gria MAG: Raptor
    Gria ATK + MAG: Raptor

    Seeq ATK: Berserker
    Seeq MAG: Viking

    -- General Tips to Consider in Clan Building --

    When considering unit builds, you have to consider what clan priviledge and what other units that will accompany these builds. For example, equipment, reaction, and passive abilities depend on what situation your clan is in and how you will solve it.

    If you're going to use lots of units with Halve MP Ultimas, keep in mind that throwing in MP Channeling or MP Efficiency lets you use Ultimas on every single turn your unit gets. Therefore, with Halve MP and MP Channeling or MP Efficiency, any build that uses a primary or secondary job that has an Ultima attack is viable. Despite Soldier being a generally bad primary job a Soldier/Hunter with Halve MP and MP Channeling will be a powerful unit for the sole reason that you can use Ultima Shot every turn.

    With proper equipment management, Scholars and Arcanists can act like a pseudo Regenga for your clan if your units have the appropriate equipment to absorb the elemental damage that's being utilized. Speaking of mass healing, if units in your clan utilize Unscarred and if you feel that you're doing a decent job of keeping their HP at max, then Strikeback can be replaced for a different reaction. Strikeback is used mainly to prevent those units from losing their Unscarred boost.

    Turbo MP is always viable if you use a clan that can mass heal MP. If you have a dozen Grimoire Stones going to no use, you can strategize to use one at the first turn of your Alchemist to start off with max MP and the Magick Up and Resistance Up buff. Saving these Grimoire Stones is recommended for the three Brighmoon Tor challenges, since the hardest floors wreak your clan units with immensely powerful spells. Turbo MP's weakness lies at the lack of reliable MP intake. However, with use of a Grimoire Stone, you have both a reliable MP stock and the Magick Up buff to use in tandem with Turbo MP's immense 50% damage boost.

    This list can't accommodate for all possible clan setups, so it's up to you and your creativity to maximize your clan's damage and diversity in battle.