Lucemon Help/ DNA digivolution question

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User Info: Renegade_Hero

9 years ago#1
Allright, so I just DNA digivolved my angemon and devimon to (FINALLY) get a lucemon. Problem is... it only has an aptitude of 55, and it evolves at lvl 63 i think. I can't degenerate it, and as far as I know, I can't just split it up back into angemon and devimon... so is there any way to raise its aptitude now?

User Info: mygame-spotfile

9 years ago#2

theres a digimon lab you get after doing the last quest requested by the union room

the training pen lvls up your aptitude however

you have to wait till the end of the farm day for the aptitude to go up

it dosent rais aptitude when the digimon uses it by itself

and theres a 2% chance of the aptitude of actually rising

you could save then reset till you get your aptitude up but this will take a while

User Info: Renegade_Hero

9 years ago#3
Aaaah thanks for the quick reply!!! Allright, I think I'm pretty close to beating the main storyline...
Also, I am just starting to train the 2 digimon that you need for Beelzemon. If I wait until they are a really high level before I DNA digivolve them will Beelzemon's aptitude be much higher than usual?

User Info: DuskTamer

9 years ago#4
you can degenerate lucemon by dna digivolving it with a patamon to get angemon or with demi devimon to get devimon. the aptitude will raise to what you need if you do this a couple of times.

User Info: Hieumanity

9 years ago#5
Since they both have already answered you, I'm gonna say this....

It's never good to DNA digivolve two digimon without max aptitude. If you rush, you're going to regret it unless the digimon you try to get has a lower level form(Rookie, Champion, Ultimate...). Unless you're only DNA sliding, of course.
Name: Hieu
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User Info: Renegade_Hero

9 years ago#6
Allright thanks a lot for your help guys!! I'm gonna go work on gettin that beelzemon now...
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