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User Info: Torrterra888

8 years ago#1
hiya, i got dusk (ive had dawn before) and i was wondering, how do you get bancholeomon?
everyone says pandamoin digivolves into it ( i think) but someone else said you have to dna digivolve it, so what exactly do you have to do to get bancholeomon?

also, when a boss uses "att change", what dose that mean? i thought it ment attribute change...

oh, and if anyone wouldnt mind matching to get chibomon, give me the stats needed and ill be happy to match =[]

User Info: Torrterra888

8 years ago#2
oh, and how do you get burst modes? i'd like shinegreymon, miragegaogamon, and ravemon's burst modes..
ive heard that you cant get shinegreymon's, i'd like to know why?

ill also match to get the in-training form of guilmon, if you can in dusk (ill cheack this every so often, we will set up a time =/)

User Info: hypnot1ze

8 years ago#3
ar change, changes digimons weakness

i.e. your pwning grandracmon or skullbachliomon in one of its 3 spaces he will change that to the one your not hitting....

banchouleomon (is a retarded digimon to obtain took me a while)

- Grappleomon + Pandamon
(LV64+ , Beast EXP50000+, Attack 420+)

but thing is you can't just digivolve a pandamon unless you started out with the pack that had him so if not you DNA one with

- Frigimon + MudFrigimon
(Lv31+, Beast EXP6000+, Defense 225+)

User Info: hypnot1ze

8 years ago#4
ShineGreymon Burst Mode
- ShineGreymon + Gallantmon
- ShineGreymon + ImperialdramonFM
(Lv68+, Friendship 100%, must have befriended ShineGreymon Ruin Mode)

ShineGreymon Ruin Mode
- ShineGreymon + Darkdramon
(Lv59+, Dark EXP24000+, Attack 335+)

MirageGaogamon Burst Mode
- MirageGaogamon + Vikemon
- MirgaeGaogamon + PrinceMamemon
(Lv67+, Beast EXP40000+, Friendship 100%)

Ravemon Burst Mode
- Ravemon + Valkyriemon
- Ravemon + Valdurmon
(Lv66+, Bird EXP40000+, Friendship 100%)

Rosemon Burst Mode
- Rosemon + Ophanimon
- Rosemon + Babamon
(Lv64+, Insect/Plant EXP40000+, Friendship 100%)

copy paste copy paste

User Info: Torrterra888

8 years ago#5
thanks a lot, i appriciate it....
one more question, do you have to only have one with those stas to dna digivolve (for both the pandamon and the bancholeomon)
ive only dna digivolved once to get paildramon, so i really dont know much about it because i dont use it much =P (i got paildramon in dawn, people say its usless in dusk unless you got chiomon >.<)

User Info: Torrterra888

8 years ago#6
also, i was wondering, is it better to have burst modes before or after the final boss (grimmon i think...) what i mean is, like, should i wait after the final boss?
my team im waning is:
mega form of Lunamon (dont know the name)
Bancholeomon (possiblity.... right now, im thinking about getting him after then final boss, because, 1: im going to have two beast type digimon anyway, and 2: i think getting him before the final boss would take to much time....)

if you have anything to say about this team, suggestions, ect., please tell me ^^

User Info: Torrterra888

8 years ago#7
forgot to add, should i get the burst modes for the 3 digimon that have them up there before the final boss?

User Info: hypnot1ze

8 years ago#8
see banchouleomon is tricky, i tried for days with only one that met req. and wouldnt work so i raised my pandamon to req. also. your best bet is to just start both grappleomon and pandamon at level 1 at the sme time raise them both, wont hurt as your banchouleomon wont dip in stats. its always better to have both meet req to ensure banchouleomon will be like a normal digivolve where it keeps the stats rather than dna with one 1 req. met.. what i mean is if you have grappleomon with all stats at 400, and pandamon with stats at 200.... when you get banchouleomon, he will have the average of the two and be 300 stats...

also its not hard to get burst, although shinegreymonBM will be a while as you need to get darkdramon DNA with Sgreymon and darkdramon is dawn exclusive.. then after ruinmode is obtained you need to raise another rizegreymon to DNA degenerate with ruinmode to get shinegreymon back then raise him to req. and DNA with gallantmon dawn exclusive aswell, and to get gallantmon you need to raise guilmon to megidramon degenerate to war growlmon and then to gallantmon...

as for the others its easy. but for me i had RavemonBM against exogrimmon, also you will want 500+ stats before taking him on anyways cause he is a beast to take out if you are 300-400 stats

suggetions for team, ensure your ravemon has heaven thunder, and wind move that attacks 4 squares... a fire type as he is weak to that as well as electric and wind.... lastly ensure you have lots of revives and full restores he shouldnt be too hard though

User Info: Torrterra888

8 years ago#9
ok, thanks a lot,
one more...
how do you make sure your digimon has a move, do you dna digivolve it with another digimon that knows that move? i really didnt go in depth like this in dawn, and i guss thats why i couldnt beat grimmon there,lol
but, i think ill just stick with shinegreymon until after the final battle, and ill get bancholeomon afterwards too....
got any suggestions for my last digimon? i really like megagargomon, but i have 2 beasts alreay =/

thanks for the answers! =[]

User Info: hypnot1ze

8 years ago#10
Ya instead of Banchouleomon use BeelzemonBM but thats your choice..... if not i would use Magnadramon, or Armegeddemon.

to get a move you have to raise it to a certain level and ital promt u to learn move.

as soon as you know who you want to be your attackers and defenders then i can help you make a decent moveslist to beat the game

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