What Digimons did you ditch while playing?

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User Info: Zinle_san

5 years ago#1
C'mon...Surely you guys have done that at least once...
What were the Digimons you ditched because they let you down one way or another.
Some I can remember were:

Lunamon - I got Dracom kinda early in the game and decided to go with it instead. I don't know...I've always had problems with Lunamon...Somehow it just doesn't fit into my team...
Dracmon - I ha this guy long after I got it, but then when it finally evolved into Matadormon I ditched it. Why? Because I had no way to evolve it into Piamon...Talk about a downer...
Agumon - Normally Agumon makes it to my team easily, but sometimes I ditch him when I find more potential member for my team, like B.Agumon that eventually evolved into B.Wargreymon with amazing ATk or then on my last play I replaced him with Paildramon that eventually became Imperialdramon FM
Tentomon - I even need to say? It has no way to achieve mega level other than Imperialdramon, and that need getting Dinobeemon before I can even think of that...Just...No...

Those are some I can remember or think.

And let me clarify, this is not for those you let stay in the farm,
but actual ones you ditch along while playing.
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User Info: darkwargreymon9

5 years ago#2
This was in dawn btw
I ditched Coronamon because I never liked it too much.
I also ditched Kimeramon because I couldn't evolve into MMileniumon.
Veemon- I couldn't get Airdramon until Highlight Heaven, which was almost at the end, therefore I ditched.

User Info: mythic0

5 years ago#3
mostly 2/3 starters.

User Info: PillowKisuke

5 years ago#4
I have ditched Kumamon for Gabumon and Palmon for Hagurumon and now have a Dianamon, HiAndromon, and WereGarurumon.

User Info: StellarLox

5 years ago#5
I ditched Apollomon, Varuduromon, and much more. I even almost maxed a Magnadramon but I ditched it and I was just leveling it for wasting some time.
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  3. What Digimons did you ditch while playing?

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