Exit thru the doggy pipe!

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User Info: Lucario_Dialga

6 years ago#1
Hey everyone! guess what! i found a glitch which gave me a shock when it happened!

you know how we always travel in the easter ruins thru the lift pipe... yeah.... and once i select 'go to ruins entrance' and instead of going to the usual pipe, my character went to the pipe that the dog uses and went down instead! how cool is that! and normally the dog's pipe doesn't go down to the ruins entrance, of course when i arrived i exit with the usual pipe at the ruins entrance...j

i was exitting my room thru the right side of the kitchen and i press the triangle button before i reached the usual pipe between the usual pipe and the dog pipe. i select 'go to ruins entrance' and my character enter from the left side of the dog's pipe and went down! i only did it once, so when it happens, laugh ur head off, i mean, he's become a dog!

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