How to play Versus in Single Player/Lan

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User Info: NightFalcon

8 years ago#1
I just tried it on subway and it worked pretty well. It's kinda hard since you have no other team mates (not a problem actually. Spawn one :D, but in legit sense, you're alone), but it makes great practise to see how far your puke goes if you're still new to versus mode and don't want to be yelled at on the net.

1) Console MUST BE ACTIVATED. It's in the options somewhere.
2) Head into L4D.
3) Type the following commands in the console in order:
sv_cheats 1
director_force_start 1
sb_all_bot_team 1
sv_allow_lobby_connect_only 0 ; sv_lan 1 {for those who "obtained" their copy, or wish to play Lan with friends}
4) take your pick of the 8 maps via
map l4d_vs_(map name) {press down to select}

You'll spawn as the survivors. Usually, the survivor bots will start doing their usual thing, like weapons etc, but if they don't, then that map is bugged, which seems to happen on the 1st map of No Mercy, where the bots refused to move.

Press your key to change team (default m), and join the survivors.

You'll spawn as a smoker first, then boomer, then hunter, then smoker again, unless the director decides that you should be a Tank.

Use z_spawn (Smoker/Hunter/Boomer/Tank) to spawn instantly something (but it won't move, sadly). Note that if you are dead, you spawn instantly, so be prepared.

Bot commands:

sb_stop 1 {stops all bots. sb_stop 0 to make them move again}
and the usual TF2 commands, like bot_mimic 1 to make bots follow everything you do.


Report bugs here.

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User Info: NightFalcon

8 years ago#2
"Only two species war against each other: Ants and Humans.Talk about being civilized...

User Info: CheeChee_Macko

8 years ago#3
Thanks for the info.

User Info: REFREAKzz

8 years ago#4
This info was here a while ago, and i couldn't find the topic when i wanted to try it, so thanks for posting =].

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User Info: themaster627

8 years ago#5
director_force_start 1

That should be director_force_versus_start
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User Info: acronix

8 years ago#6

I´ve made a few single playtrough for both campaigns, and I have found only a couple of issues, mostly related to special encounters (I won´t mention the fact that bots don´t use molotovs or pipebombs):

1) No Mercy - Sewer: Bots sometimes have problems with the elevator. They activate it properly, but if for some reason they fall from it they´ll have problems getting up there once the horde stops coming. This happened me only two of four times, so if this happens, just switch sides and go up. Bots should follow you normally after a while. Then switch to infected again.

2)No Mercy - Hospital Interiors: After calling the elevator and dealing with the horde, bots won´t push the button to go to the rooftop. They´ll get in and wait, though.

3) No Mercy - Rooftop Finale: Bots won´t push the button to call for the pick up. They will, however, walk around the rooftop killing any infected they find. Once the finale starts, they will behave normally again.

4) Blood Harvest - Train Tunnel: Bots won´t open the door that once open makes the horde come.

5) Blood Harvest - Bridge: Bots won´t make the traincar move, but will move around their "defense positions" (like the Rooftop finale) killing anything in sight.

Solving this is simple, you can just switch sides once they get to that place and use the item they should to get the game going. They behave normally after that.

Also, Blood Harvest Finale´s work properly. Bots will call the pick up even if they are not prepared.

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