team damage will kill this game

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User Info: foody58

9 years ago#1
i hope u can turn it off because ppl r going to shoot u online for taking weapons they want..

User Info: Creflo

9 years ago#2
1. Everyone can have the same weapons
2. Team Killers will be marked and avoided
3. Not shooting your partners is an important skill to learn
4. "FF On" is going to make this game rise above the sludge of FPS garbage
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User Info: Liquid_Tension

9 years ago#3
*applauds Creflo*

Brilliant post.
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User Info: MuffinPunk

9 years ago#4
there's only a couple weapons any way, and like Crefio said everyone will basically have the same weapons so there is no need to team kill. You also need your team if you want to survive so... don't kill them.

User Info: vietdude92

9 years ago#5
play with friends
Clan Pholicous
-which Pho King Rules

User Info: MooseOfWoe

9 years ago#6
What Creflo said.

User Info: OmegaDrake

9 years ago#7
Random people don't teamkill, Friends teamkill.
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User Info: cloudvssquall88

9 years ago#8
I wish there were weapons you could find in the game. Like a place that has a high rate of zombies and if you do go there they will only be one exit or something. So it gives you the feeling of "is it worth it?"
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User Info: thebluespider

9 years ago#9

MooseOfWoe posted...
What Creflo said.

Thanks for the great input that was a very useful and interesting contribution to the topic

User Info: vietdude92

9 years ago#10
get better friends
Clan Pholicous
-which Pho King Rules
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