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User Info: kmmman

8 years ago#1
Those who have played the demo and also suffered from motion sickness in HL2, how is the field of view on this game? Does the demo allow changing FOV values? I'm very interested in this game, but so far all source engine games except Portal have given me serious motion sickness problems. It's well known that HL2 had the same problems with large numbers of folks, so I'm trying to get some early feedback on this. Thanks.

User Info: AmoBishopRoden

8 years ago#2
Yeah, I can't play this game either (dammit!) due to motion sickness. Lame. I should also state I'm playing the xbox demo, for the record.

User Info: Bloodknight52

8 years ago#3
HL2 gave me problems, but this didn't at all. I think this game improved over that issue.

User Info: spartan574

8 years ago#4
The PC version lets you put a code in the console that fixes the POV so that you won't get sick so easily.
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User Info: Unavailable

8 years ago#5
I'm DLing the L4D PC version demo and the 360 version demo at the same time right now. =p

But if the L4D PC version uses the same type of options menu as other source games, the advance graphics settings SHOULD have a slider for fiddling around with the field of view.
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User Info: TriforcePowerX

8 years ago#6
Not as bad. HL2 was really dizzying, this game doesn't give you motion sickness too much.

User Info: GTAcrazy

8 years ago#7
Half Life 2 always gave me a headache after playing it for a while.
This game, Portal, and Team Fortress 2 didn't.
So I'll assume you're safe.
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8 years ago#8
anybody know why the POV in HL2 gave u motion sickness?

i almost barfed while playing hl2 for like an hour..

User Info: bitstream5

8 years ago#9
this one gives me motion sickness just as half-life 2 did. although it seems to take a bit longer to kick in.
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8 years ago#10
Wow so this is where all the wimps hang out.....
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