Background story of Characters/Infection

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User Info: Hairypanda

8 years ago#1
I would like to know more about these guys and the stories game. Anyone know anything?

User Info: xiph08

8 years ago#2
They are immune to the virus which infected everyone else. /end of story

User Info: Hairypanda

8 years ago#3
Why are they immune...where'd the virus come from, etc.

User Info: xiph08

8 years ago#4
From what I've seen , the game doesn't tell you. But my guess would be.

-A genetic anomaly in their DNA causes them to be immune.
-Frickin Terrorists created the virus, it quickly backfired.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong =p.

User Info: Atewi

8 years ago#5
Awww I was gonna blame it on a photojournalist who's covered wars.....
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User Info: powergeyser88

8 years ago#6
they give character backgrounds in the ins manual.... not very detailed btu enough to know what kinda personality they have...

User Info: Crazyunderwear

8 years ago#7
basically theyre the baddest 4 people that couldve been immune, no need to read the manual.
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User Info: xerxes5678

8 years ago#8

There's probably some more immunes (maybe a lot more), because of all the messages you see on the walls.

It could be that everyone who is not immune is already infected (especially if the virus is airborne), but that's just speculation on my part.

User Info: Inriri

8 years ago#9
Considering bites and stuff don't affect (other than getting hurt) and several of the writings in the game talking about being immune, it could have been a blood born pathogen. Since it draws it's roots from zombie movies, I blame the monkeys.
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User Info: RE4penguin

8 years ago#10
Jesus, people. Use your damn imagination. For all we know the infection could have been spread by donuts.
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