Virtua Fighter 5 FINAL SHOWDOWN is coming!!!

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User Info: Godokuno_Dan

7 years ago#1

Good News. remember months ago when we asked you guys to post a request for Virtua Fighter 5:R for consoles on

Well it worked !!

Good news, there is an update to Virtua fighter 5:R coming out in Japan Called Virtua Fighter 5 : Final Showdown. It includes Jean Kujo, Taka Arashi , more stages and more music, new items, and item win pose animations(weilding weapons in win poses). Thank you to all of you who participated and special thanks to MOBS who brought this petiotion to our attention.

We at have news from a reporter (gaming press several gaming mags and kikizo) who is also a member of

VFDC. He has inside sources at SEGA that have informed him that Virtua Fighter 5 : Final Showdown is being worked on as we speak for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. It will be coming to consoles December 2010 or March 2011. All you Playstation owners who were left out in the cold with a VF5 with no online mode will be vindicated.

User Info: Godokuno_Dan

7 years ago#2

This is our moment of triumph! Keep your eyes peeled on E3!!!!

User Info: drganj

7 years ago#3
Can't wait for this. Although it saddens me swing vf5 for $15 in bargain bins it has gotten friends to pick this game up, which is cool. Alot of people now have a greater deal of respect for VF. I love how online petitions actually work, good job VF community!

User Info: MrMcBoomBoom

7 years ago#4
Nice will it be DLC or disc bought?

Cant wait for this.. And Is there any pics and videos or any info of the new characters?

User Info: MOBS

7 years ago#5
It's going to be a disc. There's a new post with a leaked pamphlet on VF5:FS on VFDC. It details some of the changes. Like Evade will be higher risk greater reward. A failed evade will be slower in FS, and a successful evade will be faster and put you at greater advantage.

The whole throw , guard, and attack system is being refined. Most likely it means throw animations will take less than the current 12 frames to execute. There's also some less important stuff about Ranked matches setups, like advanced players can choose to only fight advanced players. Also low ranked players can choose matches that will elevate them faster. The FS pamphlet also leaks info about items being easier to get)(although they were already easy) and more matches with special high quality items for winning. Knockdown tournament(a VF5:R feature) is being revamped. The UI and Background graphics are being revamped. Also they will be more versatility to mix and match pieces (tops and bottoms) from different costumes.

User Info: fighterclass

7 years ago#6
Best news in a long time
"Huh? What!?"- Xianghua

User Info: texdreamer

7 years ago#7
Yes, I know I will feel better once it comes to Ps3. I will also throw Tekken 6 in the trash when Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown comes out. Sega please learn the mistakes of Namco Bandi. Never sell a game with a bad net code

User Info: texdreamer

7 years ago#8
Oh and one more thing. Please have online and offline ranking. Please don't be like Namco Bandi and force everyone to play online. Please, don't change anything Sega please.

User Info: SpiritRover

7 years ago#9
It's still not confirmed for any home consoles. :/

But let's hope it will be. At, some veteran posters there feel very, very optimistic about their "inside" information. It's the post - Dreamcast version of Sega Corp, so who knows what the future holds for this one.

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User Info: MOBS

7 years ago#10
It's coming, it's not just "inside" information. Its ACTUAL inside sources at Sega who leaked it. Kamaage is a Japanese VF5 player who runs a VF fan site and started the campaign to petition for VF5FS. He actually met with Sega of Japan twice and presented a printed version of our petition. If you actually READ VFDC, the VF5 FS dev team was "very moved" by the petition. Kamaage said the meeting was very positive, and although he hasnt leaked all that he knows, LA, a reporter who is a VFDC member , HAS spilled the beans that he has from a very reliable source at Sega that VF5 FS console ports are being worked on as we speak. That was the reason we had to wait two years for VF5:R for PS3 and 360 but never got it: SEGA had VF5 FS planned from the very start and opted to bring that to consoles instead of wasting time on VF5 R, which will soon be obsolete.

Just like with Yakuza 3 in the U.s. , the American version release news was leaked to since Tokyo Game show, but Sega didnt officially announce it until months later , December 2009, when they had the official release date set im stone for March9, 2010. Expect Sega to neither confirm nor deny VF5:Final showdown until they have an official release date to announce. The reason for the delay in announcement is VF5 :Final Showdown isn't even in arcades yet: it goes on location test in June.
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