Question about gameplay changes, if there is any.

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  3. Question about gameplay changes, if there is any.

User Info: VeghEsther

4 years ago#21
Well since I played the rest oft the series or at least SC to Ao no Kiseki most of the time I didn't have to cancel the enemies moves since I played only on easy mode and with Agate in the party starting from Chapter 1 in SC he will kill most non bosses in 1 hit.

Yes last time I played SC I couldn't use Muller or Julia for the last parts of the final dungeon at all and I was playing the PSP only version.

In fact on easy mode only Ao No Kiseki is the hardest current one and that only applies to its final boss fight.

Heck even in this game I never bothered to use Schera at all unless required so I'd rather use pc's that have better S crafts to use over using Heaven's Kiss.

But even at level 80 + Schera's 2nd S Craft though AOE based still sucks.

User Info: Hours_Left

4 years ago#22
VeghEsther posted...
No when I went to the party member selection menu for the final dungeon of SC on the PSP I didn't have Muller or Julia show up to put into the party at all via that menu screen.

But if I could have them join which I didn't it would be half way through the final dungeon itself.

In fact my PSP import Perfect players guide doesn't even list the Crafts and S crafts that Muller can use (which is why) he doesn't join in SC on the PSP version at all.

I'm sorry, but you are wrong. Did you watch the video I linked in my last post? You can clearly see Julia and Mueller in the player's party. It's near the end of the video.
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User Info: VeghEsther

4 years ago#23
Also due note each region of the game is on a specific disc so UMD 1 is of Grancel Castle, Ruan and Ziess and other regions of the game Rolent and Boze are on the 2nd disc.

So yes eventually in game when you can free roam between the regions it will ask for a UMD disc change and long as your only playing the PSN version.

The PC steam version won't require to do this at all.
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  3. Question about gameplay changes, if there is any.

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