Second Quarter 2014 US release I LOVE YOU

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User Info: zinformant

3 years ago#11
Consider this. The only shot this series has at performing well in the west at this point is with the Steam crowd, and the series has no future on the PC. The Vita audience is a fraction of the PSP audience, and we have decent guesses as to how the PSP audience received Trails.
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User Info: xp1337

3 years ago#12
Yeah, that's why Zero is the point where I feel terrible about the odds. 3rd is, in theory, fine. The biggest problem it faces outside SC getting the sales to justify it is the idea that stopping at 3rd would be more cruel to the fans than stopping at SC. Personally, I'd rather see them go for it even in that event, but I am admittedly speaking from ignorance since I obviously haven't played the rest of the series.

Short of Falcom giving the western fanbase the biggest gift imaginable and just porting everything post-3rd to the PC in a truly bizarre twist the best chance would be a port to the PS4 or something, IMO. It'd be a bigger pool of potential players to work with than the Vita would and it probably lasts long enough to get through Ao at least.

Though that brings up the second biggest problem, IMO. The West isn't just lagging behind in terms of releases, the gap is widening considerably. Since FC came out there's also been Ao and Sen. And honestly SC and "Sen SC" might very well be released very close to one another. If the series can put out 2-3 games in the time it takes the West to get 1...

I need to stop talking about this, it just makes me feel sad! >_>
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User Info: kern

3 years ago#13
There are Chinese PC versions of Zero and Ao, and I think the Zero one got released later in Japan as well.
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User Info: VeghEsther

3 years ago#14
I doubt it will happen but since FC to the 3rd have the HD Kai versions on the PS3 in Japan it could be possible that Falcom of Japan may make do the same with Zero/Ao No Kiseki on the PS3 which may possibly increase the odds of a PS3 localized version of those 2 games.

But by the time that happens the PS3 may become obsolete as well.

User Info: clothbelt

3 years ago#15
I do think it is likely Zero and Ao will be released in some form or other beyond the PSP/Vita in the coming years. Now, you can play FC-3rd on consoles, and Sen too, but not Zero and Ao. I think this will be rectified eventually.

User Info: helldew

3 years ago#16
well Zero and Ao have Vita versions though. and i guess Zero has a PC version.

it would be nice if SC is sucessful then Xseed Carpe fulgur and whoever else would split up on the next handful of game and get them all released. i was insanely happy to hear Xseed got someone else on board for SC cause the project just looked far to big for them to solo it.
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