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User Info: SoraAMy

7 years ago#21
Heh that's great you have that friend. I'm trying to learn more, on my own now. I took two and a half years of Japanese language courses in school. Obviously, it's not enough. Tho, the reason I made that mistake was my tiredness, not my inability to understand Conan.
my name should have been SoraMee...

User Info: SoraAMy

7 years ago#22
This occurred to me while reading a fanfic:
What does Ai refer to Ran as? It's not "Ran-nee-chan" like Conan and Ayumi, and I don't think it's "Ran-san" like Mitsuhiko. Sometimes, Ai says "nee-san", but that's bc Ran reminds her of her sister. It's a bit strange of a question, and I think Ai kinda avoids calling Ran by any name.

(I still laugh at the dub's episode 5, Rachel telling Conan to call her "Miss Moore".)
my name should have been SoraMee...

User Info: thelastgogeta

7 years ago#23
She refered to Ran as "Miss Moore" in the opening of this game... XP
I haven't been paying too much attention maybe, I haven't noticed what Conan calls Ran out loud...
As much as I listen to the Japanese voices, the subtitles, names and all are the English dub (or adaption as many characters are in this game only I presume).
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User Info: Magician99

7 years ago#24
What does Ai refer to Ran as?

I just read this, and I thought about it: I think Ai's only actually spoken to Ran as Ai once over the course of the entire series, episode 425, the DJ case. There was the Desperate Revival cases, during which she lived with Ran, but Ai was playing the part of Conan during that time, and she definitely would have called her Ran-neechan like Conan does. After that, there was the Father's Old Lab case, in which we start with Ran making Ai porridge to help her cold, but Ai was pretending to sleep until Ran left. Next is, of course, the Halloween case, and it was Ran who did all the talking before fainting, so Ai still never said a word to her. And then we finish with the DJ case, but the only one she addresses by name is "Edogawa-kun." Someone correct me if I forgot a moment.

Even talking to Conan about her, I don't think Ai has ever said her name, she just seems to call Ran "that girl" or things to that effect.
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User Info: major_csi_fan

7 years ago#25
also the sales for the seasons 1-5 boxsets did sell well so they so far can;t justifie trying to get a lisence for season 6 + yet the movies sell very well just noth the show

User Info: SoraAMy

7 years ago#26
Not to sound rude, but what was your point, major_csi_fan? Are you saying Funi' should have gotten the rights to the next group of episodes for season 6 instead of getting the movies? And what do you mean the movies sell better than the TV show when you said at the beginning that seasons 1-5 sold well?
my name should have been SoraMee...

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