How do i use the Gravity boots

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  3. How do i use the Gravity boots

User Info: LoLicopter

10 years ago#1
]i have them and i dont know how to use them, jump then what?

Oh and how do i get the bat move where he super flys across the room with good damage..
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User Info: jonnyk82

10 years ago#2
To use gravity boots: Down, Up+Jump (reall fast)

Don't remember how to do the bat thing, but check the FAQs. You don't have to have anything special to do it (except the bat form of course), you just have to input the command.
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User Info: GenTrigger

10 years ago#3
the bat thing is hold A then start from up then rotate it the long way around to the direction that your facing then as soon as the control stick is facing forward release A.

It takes some practice to do it all the time.
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User Info: goron_tunic

9 years ago#4
yeh for the wing smash hold A and rotate from the up position
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  3. How do i use the Gravity boots

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