Elementalist PvP build

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User Info: LegendaryLords3

8 years ago#1
I made two builds, one for mana burn and one without it.

For the first one, http://www.aradsociety.com/planner/?class=elementalist#040:9PbuPfuRbvMbuDbuQquSquTivNiuChwHbvBiwGiwNewMewJbwIb

I pretty much put all my points into the Ice and Dark build, putting 5 levels into Fire Lantern so I can get Fire Pilllar. Not much to say except for the fact that it doesn't focus on spreading out between the low tier spells. I added Mobile Cast and Memorize for easier spell set-ups, and phase shift, mana shield, and rebound for when I get hit obviously.

Now for the more complicated one with the Mana Burn. http://www.aradsociety.com/planner/?class=elementalist#040:9PbuPfuRfvMbuDbuQkuSkuTivNiuChvGbwHbvBivEgwGiwNewMewJbwIb

This time I spread out a lot more on the low tier spells in order to get the requirements for Mana burn. With this, instead of maxing out Frosty and Pluto, the other two attributes get some points. With this build, I plan to use the Mana Burn in order to have a 200% increase in PvP. I know it only lasts 60 seconds, but I personally feel that the damage may be worth it. I also have Sun Burst as well, unlike my the build above.

Now, in everyone's opinions, what do you feel works better? Some people say Elemental Burn isn't worth it, and some say they do. Also, I want to know if I can afford to spread out a bit as in the second build. Any comments and criticisms are fine. I just want to make sure I don't screw up my PvP build, so don't be afraid to put down some of the suggestions I made.
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User Info: kill3r719

8 years ago#2
Ele's damage isn't fixed. I don't know how the formulas are calculated but when I go to advanced info, everything is labeled in magic weapon attack strength. That damage jump might not be worth the points if it works the way I think it does.

Now, that aside. Buster should get priority over arctic zone. It deals much larger damage, kinda like binoche's meteor. Black hole is pretty much a combo machine, and arctic zone is something you won't be using that often.
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User Info: Kittah4

8 years ago#3
I use burn because I like that it's shiny. Terrible reason yes, but Ive hit like 6-7 k with a level 1 Halloween buster in pvp, and that was pretty fun. I'm "specializing" in fire/dark, my build is a bit all over the place with one definitely wasted point, but being a jack of all trades is kinda the elementalists calling card in my opinion. Plus, having more spells lets you chain cast and not worry about cooldowns that much when festival wears off.
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User Info: crate3333

8 years ago#4
That damage jump might not be worth the points if it works the way I think it does.

Int buffs increase magic weapon attack; go take off a piece of your cloth armor and see for yourself. I don't think Int has as much effect on percent magic attacks as it has on fixed magic attacks, but it definitely has an effect.

(Or go find someone with Kazan and notice how much harder your percent attacks hit--it's the same deal since Kazan only boosts Str/Int).

I think your actual Int value has a small effect on magic percent damage too, but I think this is less important than the effect Int has on your matk to begin with, and I'm not positive about this anyway.
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