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User Info: omgairshot

7 years ago#1
I've been seeing a lot of the same questions and topics here, so I figured I'd put them in one spot. I know there's a sticky but this will cover some stuff that might not have.

1. Basics Tips-

Turn off your zoom in function in options.

Make sure you are on the right channel that corresponds to the dungeons you are doing so you gain bonus EXP.

Make sure to use your launching skill which is a basic for most classes combos. This skill is usually hotkeyed to Z.

Make sure to do all your quests, and you can complete multiple quests at once. Quests not only give lots of EXP and some gold, but also items and sometimes even rare items.

Once you kill a boss the dungeon is automatically cleared and the remaining enemies are instantly killed.

You lose 1 fatigue for every dungeon room you enter. This is restored every day.

If you die you have the option of using tokens to revive yourself.. These also get restored daily.

Make sure to repair your items. You can do this at the blacksmith npcs, or at the npc that appears when you clear a dungeon(Delilah). Fix will fix single items, while Fix All fixes everything equipped.

Make sure to buy cards at the end of the dungeon, it generally gives more profit than you lose, and you have a chance to get some rare items you can only get from end dungeon cards.

When you advance, your SP gets reset because you have new class skills. It is highly recommended you look up a skill build at this point for your class because SP is very tight for some classes and SP resets from the cash shop are VERY expensive to the point where it's just easier to make a new character.

Make sure to equip the right armor for your class or you will get penalties. I know it's appealing just to equip whatever has the best stats or highest defense, but you will get penalties for using the incorrect armor. Some subclasses can use armors that differ from their main classes if they choose to do so. For pre advanced classes.... Priests and Slayers use heavy armor. Fighters use light armor, Gunners use Leather, and Mages use cloth. Depending on what class you choose to advance to, you might get another armor skill (ie Launchers can use Heavy Armor, or Soul Benders can use cloth) No class before advancement uses plate armor, and only two classes in the game use plate armor- Asuras and Crusaders.

2. Recommended Classes for Beginners.

From level 1-18, the easier classes are priest, fighter, and gunner in that order. Slayer and Witch are the hardest due to low damage and running out of MP so quickly. Priests can do massive damage, while Fighters do a bit less damage but can move a lot quicker. Recommended sub classes when you advance are Grappler, Crusader, Launcher, Summoner, Mechanic, Berserker, and a Blade Master in my opinion. Classes to stay away from as a beginner are Spitfire, Soul Bender, and Elementalist. Soul Benders are actually very good for PVE later game once they get Ice Saya, but it will be tough getting to that level on a new character. Every other class falls somewhere into the middle.

(continued in next post)

User Info: omgairshot

7 years ago#2
3. Quick Overview of Subclasses

These are just purely my own observations of the classes.

-------------------------------------Slayer Subclasses----------------------------

Blade Master- The only class that can use beam sabers/light swords, which are extremely fast. They specialize in weapons, and are a pure melee class. They usually have fast attacks and can easily string together combos.

Soul Bender- Unleashes the demons in it's arm by summoning ghosts. The class uses cloth armor for magic, but has ways of avoiding attacks. Tough to play early on, very effective in PVE later on.

Berserker- A class of demonic possesion and rage, they usually use great swords. This class goes into rages which can increase stats, and many of it's attacks can cause bleeding or drain enemies energy. Can attack fast and hit hard.

Asura- Gives up his eyesight for long range magical attacks with his sword. One of two classes that can use plate armor. While not the best class early on, they become very effective in late game levels capable of doing massive damage in a few hits. Also for PVP, are capable of ending fights in 1-2 combos, and have an absolutely brutal level 45 skill.

-------------------------------------Fighter Subclasses----------------------------

Nenmaster- Your magic fighter class. Has light based attacks, long range light fireballs, buffs, and some great PVE type attacks. Not very good at PVP though.

Striker- Relies on physical attacks like punches and kicks. Also has super armor which means they won't get knocked back or knocked down by enemy attacks. Absolutely brutal and completely relentless in PVP, and a top tier PVP class.

Brawler- A fighter who does anything to win, meaning they will fight dirt via status afflictions. Can bleed, blind, and poison enemies. Has some grabs, status afflicting attacks, nets to pull opponents near them and hold them there, and gets double throw. Double throw combined with throw mastery and net is extremely effective but expensive.

Grappler- One of the most highly recommended classes for new players. Grapplers rely on grabs, which give invincibility while you are performing them. They can string together numerous grabs and have grab cannon which means they can grab enemies that normally can't be grabbed. They mainly rely purely on grabbing and throwing opponents.

-------------------------------------Gunner Subclasses----------------------------

Ranger- Probably the most common gunner. Has a mixture of shooting abilities and close range melee skills. Considered very good for PVP, but not amazing at PVE.

Launcher- Uses heavy armor and heavy arm type weapons. Specializes in hand cannons. Has many area of effect and long range skills making them great for PVE as well as a popular PVP class. Can use grenade launchers, laser rifles, gatling guns, flame throwers, and basically just blows everything up.

Mechanic- Builds robots to fight for them. Uses cloth for MP regeneration. While an effective class for PVE, most people look down on them in PVP, because of how little skill they take and how they just avoid opponents and let their robots fight for them.

Spitfire- Specializes mostly in elemental bullets and grenades. Capable of doing great damage very quickly, but also cannot take hits or defend themselves very well, and can be in big trouble if they encounter super armored opponents or get surrounded.


User Info: omgairshot

7 years ago#3
-------------------------------------Mage Subclasses----------------------------
Elementalist- Purely a casting type, relies purely on elemental magic spells. Has long range attacks and attacks that cover an area. Not recommended as a PVE solo class for new players. For PVP, they are generally easy to beat, and some of their effective strategies are considered extremely lame.

Summoner- Summons different beings to fight for them. Good for PVE since they can let their summons fight for them. Some people dislike partying with them because their summons clog the screen, lag players, and make things difficult to see. Easier to fight than a Mechanic in PVP, since some lots of classes can just tank through the summons and pummel the summoner. Still considered lame in pvp due to relying on summons to fight for them.

Witch- A mixture of mobility, speed, melee, and casting. Witches can fly quickly across maps, do brutal air combos, can buff their brooms for extra damage and status effects, and can cast some strong spells. Witches rely on probabilities of success for their attacks, and can sometimes get a greater effect, or sometimes have spell failure. A very popular class.

Battle Mage- A class that is the melee version of a mage. Extremely fast, hard hitting, and can use chasers to buff themselves and launch at enemies to pull off combos they wouldn't normally be able to do. Not really recommended for new players since they are extremely tight on SP and their playstyle means you gotta know a little bit about the game. Extremely good at PVE.

-------------------------------------Priest Subclasses----------------------------

Crusader- The other class that has plate armor. A class that can heal and buff. For this reason many people consider them a "support class" but that is hardly the case. They are capable of buffing themselves and achieving the best stats in the game, and are quite effective solo. Don't have a lot of attacks, but have some very good attacks. One of their buffs boosts their normal attack to add lightning bolts, while returning magical damage with lightning bolts to the attacker, and have a buff that ignores physical damage, as well as stat boostinf buffs and healing. Can push mobs away with magic walls, and even has a decent attack spell. Highly recommended for new players, since this class can tank through everything. The only downsides are they are slow and don't have as many different attacks as other classes to choose from.

Exorcist- A class that can be physical, magical, or a combination of the two. Not very fast, but they have some brutal attacks for PVP and PVE. In fact, if one catches you in PVP in a corner somewhere or pinned against something, you might as well stop fighting because the fight is mostly likely over regardless of how much HP you have left. Famous for Star in the Sky, a grab which flings the enemy into the air, charges up the damage, and then bats the enemy/enemies across the screen for huge damage.

Monk- A fast moving, fast dodging, hard hitting priest class that fights with it's bare hands. Smashes it's weapon into the ground to create a holy ring than proceeds to pummel opponents with fists. Known for ducking and swaying, making it unpredictable and tough to hit sometimes. Can rush in quickly and do huge damage very quickly. Probably the most popular priest subclass.


User Info: omgairshot

7 years ago#4
4. Items, equipment, rares, and recovery items

White are your basic items that aren't very special. People generally just sell these.

Blue items are what you want as a new player. They are like white items but usually have higher stats and more stats and can be bought or found fairly easily.

Purples and Greens are considered rare items. Generally if you find a purple/green/pink you might want to look up how much it's worth before equipping. These items are sealed, and once you equip them and break the seal, they become untradeable. Green Items are part of family set items, which offer extra bonuses for having the entire set equipped.

Pink items are the rarest right now, and are worth a TON of gold. They generally have the best stats.

Recipes can be found in dungeons to make rare items with the right materials. Sometimes when you create the item it upgraded with reinforcement enhancements.

You cannot buy potions unless you PVP for victory points and spend a combination of VP and gold at Grubeck the goblin. These are generally low level potions so it isn't something you can rely on.

However you can find potions in dungeons or exchange materials for potions. Suisha in the bar gives beer, wines, champagne, and bread that can restore HP for various items she asks you to find and these quests are repeatable.

5. Town overviews

Make sure to check out use your world map to see what quests you have. Sometimes NPCs in other areas will give quests for dungeons that are located near other towns.

Elvenguard- The starting town located in a forest. Has a couple low level dungeons. Connected to Hendon Myre and Alphelia Post.

Hendon Myre- A town left of Elvenguard. Has the low level dungeons of Grand Flores. Can reach Elvenguard, Stormpass, and West Coast from here. Most of the class NPCs are located here.

West Coast- Go right from Hendon Myre to reach it. Keep in mind some NPCs in this area can give quests for Grand Flores Dungeons. The mage NPC is located here as well. Has two dungeons. Has several dungeon areas connected to it, Sky Tower, Behemoth, Temple, Citadel etc.

Storm Pass- Located in the mountains up and left from Hendon Myre. High level difficult dungeons recommended for level 40+ players can be found in the mountain there.

Aphelia- Located down and right from Elvenguard. Reccomended for level 40+ players, in fact you can't even get there until you reach your high level 30s. Connected to several dungeon type mountains.

6. Cash Shop

You can buy various things from the cash shop from avatar tokens to shop permits and special holiday things. Most are pretty explanatory.

Avatar tokens can be used in avatar machines to give you items that change appearance and can add stats as well. These items are somewhat random (though if you go to Gunner Avas and select top and use a ava token, you will be guaranteed a top of some kind). Avatars are also tradeable with other players and can be bought, sold, etc.

Safe Upgrades are permanent, and increase slots and give you unlimited weight to carry in your safes. Not a necessity, but certainly useful.

Shop permits expire in 30 days. If you don't want to get one, you can try selling your items on various forums, dfo source, here, or even nexon's forums.

The cash shop also sells healing items, extra revive tokens, etc, and SP resets. None of these I think are worth getting personally.

7. Making money without spending real money

I see this getting brought up a lot. Here are some tips.

- Just by leveling normally you will acquire gold over time.

- You don't not need purples and rares, especially in lower levels where you are just going to replace them. Make sure to price check any rares you find before equipping them, they might be worth it to sell instead of use.


User Info: omgairshot

7 years ago#5
- There are several quests that can give PURPLE armor tops, accessories, and weapons. Level 18 you can get a purple class weapon, level 27 you can get light weapons, level 32 you can get a purple fairy weapon, level 38 you can get tragedy weapons, a quest for level 43 purple weapons, and a quest for purples at level 46. Considering the level cap is 50 right now, and the highest equips are 45, that should have you covered. That means you don't have to buy pricey rares from other players and blues you find can cover everything else.

- Sell your white and blues you don't need to NPCs. Some people at higher level disassemble blues at loton for cubes and sell those instead.

- Make sure to get both cards at the end of dungeons. Even the one's you pay for, you will generally make a profit over time, and have a chance at rare items you cannot get anywhere but the cards.

----------------------End for now---------------------------

That covers some stuff. Some of it may already be in the sticky, some of it may not. Feel free to add your own information, just keep some of the more biased opinions away from here.

User Info: Jitterin

7 years ago#6
I think the sticky should be revised anyway, it's missing a ton of stuff. I'm not interested in doing it but if somebody were to compile all of the legitimate information in a new sticky then that would be good.

User Info: LordSquantokhan

7 years ago#7

From: Jitterin | #006
I think the sticky should be revised anyway, it's missing a ton of stuff. I'm not interested in doing it but if somebody were to compile all of the legitimate information in a new sticky then that would be good.

I would revise it if the patches didn't keep screwing with all the info I'd put in D:
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User Info: omgairshot

7 years ago#8
Yeah this has some of the bsic info that the sticky was missing. Probably the people who don't need to read this have read it, and the one's who need to read it are going to make a "WHATS THE BEST CLASS FOR ME" topics or "HOW COME I'M BROKE"

User Info: omgairshot

7 years ago#9
bumping for the newbs.

User Info: omgairshot

7 years ago#10
Realized a typo. The Battle Mage overview is supposed to say they are very good at PVP.
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