So i never played FF1 before but......

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5 years ago#1
this game seems waay to easy, i mean sure its the first FF and all and i have beaten most of the others already so im pretty used to this style of games,

but honestly i havnt had a bit of difficulty with ANY battle in the game thus far, im in the Mirage Tower now and have beaten 3 out of 4 fiends and all of them were pushovers =/

i wonder why this is? do u think it could be cause since this game didnt originally have a save feature (or so ive been told for the NES version) that they toned down the strength of enemys? (cause the encounter rate is alittle rediculous) or maybe my party cuz i know that some are better then others, i started with a Warrior,Thief,Monk and Red Mage who have now all reached their prestige class versions.

what gives?

User Info: Moomba33

5 years ago#2
This version of FFI is much easier than the original.
The original game used spell charges instead of MP, so you were much more limited in how many spells you could cast.
You could only save by resting at inns (and maybe with tents on the world map too?).
There were many glitches, such as some spells not working properly and the intelligence stat doing nothing so mage's spells weren't more powerful than those of other classes and spells wouldn't get more powerful from leveling up.
The level cap was 50, and you leveled up a lot slower than in this version (finishing the game in the 30s seems common from what I've seen in LPs).
You had a much more limited inventory, with each character being able to hold 4 weapons and 4 armour pieces (including what they were equipped with).
Not sure if there was a limit on consumable items.
I've heard there were also some odd quirks about characters only being able to use consumable items on themselves in battle so you couldn't cure petrified or KO'd in battle with items, but I've seen others say this isn't true.
This version also changed the enemies, for example in the original enemies never dropped items.
They did give enemies higher HP (and maybe other stats too?) in this version, but it doesn't really compensate for all the changes made to the player's advantage.
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User Info: FranckKnight

5 years ago#3
Consumables sucked honestly. You had only 3 kinds of potions if not mistaken : Potions (for curing), Antidote and Soft. 99 each at most, and you could only buy them one at a time at shops (that sucked even more).

The interface was clunky and bad at the time, they got much better over time.
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  3. So i never played FF1 before but......

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