Why dont people care?

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User Info: Evz0rz

9 years ago#1
It's really too bad, this game is trying to do something amazing.

User Info: juhansoo12

9 years ago#2
I care.

User Info: nonexistinghero

9 years ago#3
Not many peopole know about it. They will in time.
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User Info: Franko_3

9 years ago#4
I want this game so much :(

User Info: Rafahil19

9 years ago#5
me toooo me toooo
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User Info: Typheus_Orikoma

9 years ago#6
Yeah, the game will pick up popularity as time goes on. It's still early. Give it time and it could be like Dark Messiah.

User Info: johnc1986

9 years ago#7
i saw the second trailer and fell head over heils in love with this new game coming out hopefully it will have a 08 release date :)

User Info: Selics

9 years ago#8
Too early. Wait for more trailers, better explanation of how the single/multi/crossplayer system will work, etc.

It's certainly got promise but that's all there is at the moment.
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User Info: x6sh0tOcelot

9 years ago#9
Just watched the trailer. looks amazing!

User Info: xxxvvvbbb

9 years ago#10
Yeah, no one really knows about it. All we have is a one year old trailer- no other videos, screenshots, or details on the game for the most part.
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