Help! Woman in the pot!!

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User Info: Ivy1017

9 years ago#1

My daughter loves this game, but she can't seem to get past the woman in the pot. She's eight, and is pretty good at this stuff. She says she does her counter attack, which says it should push the woman in the pot but it doesn't work. She can't get past this part, and it's ruining the game. The lady just stands there, and nothing happens.

I've looked all over to see if there is a patch, or known issue with this, but can't seem to find anything. Not a big gamer so maybe not looking in the right place? And the case doesn't have the a website address for tech support. Anything that had that kind of info, my exhusband would have. Good luck there.

Any one who can help? Thanks!

User Info: mm70394

9 years ago#2
Hi Ivy, that's too bad. You might want to try going here
There is a customer support link just above where it says near the bottom of the page.
I realize it's your daughter playing, but I'll just write it as if you're playing it for simplicity's sake, but please pass this on to her in whatever way you can explain it to her.
Just in case it isn't a tech issue, try oleing (sidestepping) her into the pot. Here's how to do that:
(1) Get Will in between her and the pot and hold the block key (shift key next to z in the default configuration).
(2) As she charges you, while holding block move Will to the left or right using the arrow keys, or whatever keys you have set to move the character. If you time it just right, a cut scene shows her landing in the pot and Jack throws a coconut on her head. You then have to defeat two regular warriors like you fought earlier in the level. Do the pot/coconut thing two more times, and then you'll have to press a sequence of keys on the bridge part that follows. I forget the exact sequence, but it involves the enter key, and z, x, and c as well. The thing is there are icons that show for each key. If you try it enough, you'll get it. It lets you do it as many times as it takes to get it, or until you get frustrated enough to quit I suppose.

After that part you end up on a raft riding down a fast moving river. Remember to try to ole any enemies that jump on your raft, and jump on the trigger points when they appear to free your raft from entanglements (it gets stuck once). There's also a part where you have to chop some tree branches to free it when it gets stuck a second time. Some enemies do jump on, but just kill them or ole them off of the raft as quickly as you can. It's not really hard, but just tell her not to give up. It may take a few tries for all of this.
Good luck.

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