Did you accually play the game?

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User Info: DemonicChaosXX

3 years ago#1
When you learned that this had SoTN in it, did you stop playing the main game, and once you got SoTN, you ignored the main game? I know I did
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User Info: ShaolinAced

3 years ago#2
Playing the original rondo because its one of my favorite games of all time. But yes that and sotn are the reasons I got the game.

User Info: ZhugeSong

3 years ago#3
I actually got the game for Rondo of Blood. I'd already beaten SotN multiple times, so it was just a bonus.

User Info: spincyclematt

3 years ago#4
I unlocked Symphony of the Night and couldn't even play it. The castle is disjointed, empty, and the gameplay is just dreadful. I was expecting the best Castlevania game ever and it was just terrible. :/

The Rondo remake was great.

User Info: Deburineko

3 years ago#5
Got the game for the remake and Rondo of Blood. Although after getting 100% on it, I focused alot on SotN afterwards.
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User Info: Dagoth-Durr

3 years ago#6
Got the game for both components (had never played SotN prior), and after it grew on me I find myself regularly going for a no-continue, no-sub-weapon Richter run of the Rondo remake through various paths (still working on a no death run), and 'new file one run True Dracula' runs. It's also very interesting to compare Rondo to its remake and how a lot of things have been made subtly easier while still retaining the core difficulty, being hard, but fair (compare the hitboxes on Ghost Shaft's summons, or Beast Dracula's jump timing, or the behaviour of the Ice Knight). Although I can quite easily do no-continue whip-only Richter runs of the remake including True Dracula, I've yet to beat Ghost Shaft in the original as him.

Although I'd say SotN is the better game (would have been nice to have the 2 Saturn areas included, mind), the Rondo remake doesn't take long to play through and it's much more satisfying to just get better at it and play around with self-imposed challenges - although I might try my hand at a low-level SotN sometime. It feels amazing to go from going through a level a bit at a time, learning from each mistake, but dying and continuing countless times, to knowing and loving it in great detail.

It's also given me some Classicvania perspective - DXC was my first 'Vania (discounting Lords of Shadow) and since then I've picked up Chronicles / X8600, and it feels quite cheap compared to DXC.
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