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User Info: NJPapi1977

9 years ago#1
NJPapi's All Madden Sliders V3.0 (Post Patch Update) 01/01/08

What is Updated:

I made changes to the set which would help the overall enjoyment of the game for those that are dead set on All Madden. I first started to tweak the passing game and took the feedback of some that had issues with the cpu completing to many passes. I decided to lower the qb accuracy for the cpu and and max out their pass blocking. What I have seen is a lot of more overthrows and throws into the ground. This did not affect the interceptions since this just makes the cpu throw all inaccurate at times. specially to the hardest pass to defend the slants or curls. This balances out the pass game and pass defense much better. You will still see the top qb's throw accurately but that is to be expected. But scrubs like Jackson or Alex Smith or Orton wont be throwing 300 yards on you.

The pass blocking was maxed out because if lowered then any pressure on the qb will make them throw errant throws that can be picked off easily. you can still get sacks if you blitz on the right downs or do stunts on the d-line. Coverage sacks seem to happen more now with these new changes which are a good thing.

The qb accuracy was also lowered for the human because I have been throwing on the run with ease with any qb.. Now I cant dominate with scrub qb's and not all throws are easy to make if you are on the move. But this will be a good change because I lowered the knockdown slider for the cpu and lowered the break block to give you max protection to scan and set your feet. You will still get sacked if you dont decided fast but not as crazy as before.

The run game stays the same except I raised the rb ability for humans to 50 in order to get more positive results. and with the lowered break block for the cpu you wont get stuff as much and they wont jump the snap as much.

Since the qb accuracy for the cpu was lowered then the only defensive slider that matters is the knocdown slider. this was maxed because is hard to swat at times but now if you have postion then it can become a thing of second nature. but you wont be batting down all passes because the human awareness was lowered to 0 which i believe is the best set to have it at so that you dont dominate the cpu.

My last game I beat the Eagles with the packers and Donovan had this stat line: 21-40 for 275 yards and 2 td's and 1 pick

Their run game was decent with Westbrook 18 rushes for 85 yards and no fumbles

I won the game 31-17 which is a realistic outcome for all madden with these sliders.

Also check out my new sub out and sub in sliders

All Madden Sliders:

Here is my SUB Out and IN:

QB 63
QB 84
RB 83
RB 84
WR 43
WR 84
FB/TE 33
FB/TE 84
OL 33
OL 84

DT 83
DT 84
DE 83
DE 84
LB 33
LB 84
CB 33
CB 84
S 33
S 84

User Info: NJPapi1977

9 years ago#2
All Madden Sliders

Weapons On

Penalties: On
Fatigue: On

Quarter Length: 9 minutes ( Will give you about 120 plays between both sides if you do not skip the cut scenes which happens right after every whistle)

Play Clock: On

Off sides: 5 (This will help ease the high amount of jump snap penalties that the cpu gets. Is important because in order to avoid gettting sacked by the lineman jumping blitzes you need to hard count)

False Start: 80 (A poster brought up a point that by raising this we will be punished for using the hard count to excessive. Still use it on PA and short yardage)

Holding: 54 ( This was lowered a bit due to the high amount of holds made during kickoff returns)

Facemask: 100 (This slider does nothing since it is never called)

Offensive PI: 100 (If you try and bump the defender to get the ball you will be penalized)

Defensive PI: 100 ( Defenders wont get away with bumping you after 5 yards)

KR/PR Interference: 100 (Does nothing )

Clipping: 50 (At anything higher the return game is voided by dumb calls)

INT Grounding: 100 ( I have been called for 2 of these in my last game, I was being pressured and throw the ball away still in the pocket)

Roughing Passer: 0 (This was lowered because I got called a lot for hitting the qb late eventhough I dove as he was about to release the ball)

Roughing Kicker: 0 (I like to try and block kicks but I always seem to hit the kicker with my nails. Now is better but still called a lot for just breathing on him)

User Info: NJPapi1977

9 years ago#3
Human Offense:

QB Accuracy: 46 ( This will prevent dead accurate throws on the run and off the back foot with the lowering of the cpu defensive sliders)

Pass Blocking: 100 ( This was raised out in order to help those that have issues blocking but it will still get you sacked if you dont throw fast enough)

WR Catching: 70 ( Believe it or not you will still drop a few but now you wont drop passes just because you were hit)

RB Ability: 50 (The human run game is to easy if you dont use turbo therefore this will make it harder to have easy 150 yard games like I am having)

Run Blocking: 0 (This has to be lowered to this because if you raise then is to easy to run for 150 every game with any back)

CPU Offense:

QB Accuracy: 46 ( I put this at this set becaue it kind of seperates the best from the worst and provies more balance)

Pass Blocking: 100 (Try not to abuse nano blitzes)

WR Catching: 0 ( This still allows the cpu to catch almost all passes but they do drop big passes here and there or when being hit on the spot of catching the rock)

RB Ability: 60 ( I feel that anything higher will result in at least 1 o 2 long runs by the cpu where they become god... (This has worked great)

Run Blocking: 100 ( The run blocking will be felt nicely at this set and if you guys use your swing move and power moves on blockers, you will be able to free yourself)

User Info: NJPapi1977

9 years ago#4
Human Defense:

Awareness: 0 (This slider has to be at 0 if you do not want to pick the cpu off 5 times a game. If you play the right coverage and play smart you will still be able to shut down teams with a solid defense)

Knockdowns: 100 ( This will allow you to swat more balls but not as many as I would like. The key to swatting the ball is not to use sprint while doing it or it wont work)

Interceptions: 0 ( This as everybody knows should be at 0 )

Break Block: 0 ( This is fine at 0 which will lead to major battles vs the power run teams)

Tackling: 100 ( This will help in making tackles vs elusive backs and power backs, just make sure you straff and let go of that hit stick)

CPU Defense:

Awareness: 30 ( This takes into affect the post patch affect. Now you will be able to throw over the middle more and have less super cpu efforts. The cpu will still be aggressive on All Madden but now is more of the users bad throws)

Knockdowns: 5 (This will help the cpu challenge deep throws and the much easier to complete post and outs)

Interceptions: 0 ( See human side of things)

Break Block: 20 ( This helps the cpu stop the run and lowers the sack totals against you)

Tackling: 50 ( The cpu at this level does a good job making the tackles they should and not have all tackles bee huge hits like this was Blitz)

User Info: NJPapi1977

9 years ago#5
Human Special Teams:

FG Power: 16 ( At this level I find enough of a challenge for me but feel free to test your own skill set)

FG Accuracy: 6 ( This will allow more accuracy on long field goals)

Punt Power: 49 (This will increse the punt return stats)

Punt Accuracy: 52 (Standard slider)

Kickoff Power: 7 ( This will kick the ball to the middle of the endzone and is up to you to kick it lower in power to have a return or just kick it if you think the scores are to high and you dont want the cpu to start at the 40 all the time)

CPU Special Team:

FG Power: 16 ( This has worked fine for me as I have seen missed field goals and some easy field goals being missed)

FG Accuracy: 6 ( Cpu was missing way to many easy field goals wide left)

Punt Power: 49 ( See human side)

Punt Accuracy: 52 ( See human side)

Kickoff Power: 7 ( You gonna take it out of the endzone anyway...)

User Info: redskin925

9 years ago#6
I about to try these right after the Kansas/VT game.

BTW, your sliders are always badass.
R.I.P. Sean Taylor 1983-2007

User Info: doubleornothin9

9 years ago#7
I'll try these later.
[This message has been deleted at the request of Chuck Norris]

User Info: NJPapi1977

9 years ago#8

User Info: randomfan234

9 years ago#9
Your sliders would have me destroyed in the running game. I was awesome running the ball in 07' for the Nintendo Game Cube, now in Madden 08 for the 360 I'm having a hard time running with L.T. And I fumble the ball at least once a game because I run with him so much even though I COVER UP THE GOD DANG BALL!!! I watch in replay and he just seems to drop it on his own. It makes me so unbelievably mad!!!!! Gang tackles seem to nulify covering up the ball. TOTAL B.S.

User Info: randomfan234

9 years ago#10

I just played a game with these sliders (with very slight modifications) on All-Pro and it was the most exciting game I've played in Madden yet. My Lions beat the 49'ers 27-22. Crazy game that I probably should of lost, but I got so many turn overs my way I couldn't.

~~~ Lions

Kitna threw for 161 yards with 1 TD and 3 INT (threw a 79 yard TD pass to Calvin Johnson), 41% completion

Kevin Jones rushed for 127 yards on 26 carries (4.8 AVG) with 1 TD and 1 fumble. (He had a 3.6 AVG in 1st half)

Team sacked Alex Smith 6 times

Team caused 4 forced fumbles

~~~ 49'ers

Alex Smith threw for 241 yards with 1 TD and 2 INT, 51% completion

Frank Gore rushed for 10 yards on 13 carries (0.7 AVG) with 1 fumble

Team sacked Jon Kitna 3 times

Team caused 1 forced fumble


I need serious help with my passing game. I am bad with it and when I feel pressure I throw to whoever I'm looking at no matter how well he's covered. I tend to stare at one side of the field and forget about my running backs. My passing % is always low and I need help.

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