Historic missions

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User Info: ItachiLightning

9 years ago#1
What fights are going to be in the 5 missions?

I know Vader vs Luke in ep 5 is in, and I believe Anakin vs Dooku made it in...(shame)
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User Info: 99enbandit

9 years ago#2
I haven't been looking at the historic missions much. Are they actual missions or just duels?
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User Info: xxKILLER4FUNxx

9 years ago#3
They are just duels as far as I know....
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User Info: fglhjk

9 years ago#4
This mode sounds kind of weak if its just 5 duels. Fortunately, I'm not making this game, so I'll just enjoy what the developers offer.

Back on topic. I did see Mace Windu from episode II in a video where the developers were talking about the historic missions. So I am guessing Mace vs. Fett?

I am guessing that the developers are probably going to select battles that were one-on-one. So, battles that are potentials or known:

*Luke vs. Vader on Cloud City (known)
*Anakin vs. Dooku (ep. III?) (probable)
*Mace vs. Fett (maybe)
Luke vs. Vader on the second Deathstar (?)
*Anakin vs. Obiwan (?)
*Obiwan vs. Vader on the first Deathstar (I would love to see that with unleashed powers)
Obiwan vs. Grevious (?)
Obiwan and Qui-gon vs. Maul (?)
*Yoda vs. Sidious (that battle was almost unleashed anyways)
Yoda vs. Dooku (?)

There are probably more duels that I missed, but I marked the 6 (I couldn't choose just 5)I think are most likely with an *. Thoughts?

User Info: Bankottsu

9 years ago#5
I got confirmations on these three:


(3rd and 4th shots)
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User Info: gamingdude99

9 years ago#6
Thank you Bankottsu!

User Info: Darth_Havok

9 years ago#7
Looks like a really watered-down version of the Wii's Duel mode to me... but still, I'm hoping for something similar via DLC for the PS3...
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