Saber Hilt Locations Finally Revealed!!

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User Info: GunShade

8 years ago#1

I've gathered all information i could find on the web and found 9 out of 10 Hilt locations. And i only have the first 3. Some of them are detailed others not so much credit goes to internet and me for putting this together.
Here they are.

1> Raxus Prime

It's location is on the cliff overlooking the temple. The hilt will be on the wall on the opposite side of the glass panel on the cliff, hanging above and next to the small cave with hp inside of it. To get up there just force hold a piece of junk near it and use it to help you jump to the hilt.

2> Trial of Insight

Once you enter the temple, where you can break the large statue, and defeat a certain amount of stormtroopers, look behind the fallen pillar to the west, you will find it lying on the ground.

3> Felucia

The first time you visit Felucia. In the large area where you fight the two rancors there will be purple fungus on the wall next to the exit on the opposite side of the entrances to the fungus tunnels. To the right side of the entrance there will be a fungus making a ledge, on top of this ledge is one of the light saber hilts.

4> Nar Shaddaa

It's in one of the paths on an arch and you have to jump to get it

5> Kashyyyk

Still need info on this one!

6> Dark Felucia

Also the one that you get the second time you go to Felucia. After you've finished the bull rancor battle.

7> Imperial Raxus Prime

It is on a ledge right above the entrance of the room where you fight the AT-ST. To get up there you destroy the computer counsels in front of the exit and two inactive AT-ST's will self destruct. Jump onto the empty harness's and jump into the trap door in the ceiling (there should also be a other items up there if you haven't already collected them.) and from up there walk down to where you first entered the room. You should be able to jump to the ledge from there.

8> Cloud City

in the beginning there's a ledge outside a window you can go onto the ledge and get a hilt I think it's the second or third ledge

9> Death Star

I think it's after the first bridge where the Death Star fires it's main gun. After you pass the bridge there are two doors that you have to use the force to open, one in front of you, and one to your left, it's the one in front of you. Another one is on Cloud city, it's around where the guys on jet-packs come, if you break some of the windows in that area, you can jump out onto a ledge where another one is.


8 years ago#2
"To them you're just a me"-Joker

User Info: GunShade

8 years ago#3
I just found this one

6>Dark Felucia
After you fight the stormtroopers, In the second field from where you enter head to the right it's on top of of the stone ledge.

Extra: Purple Crystal is hiding in the pillar of stone right in front of the stone ledge!


8 years ago#4
Nice. So I guess no luck on Kashyyyk then? Oh well I will try and help out and find it.
"To them you're just a me"-Joker

User Info: xXShadowerXx

8 years ago#5
You all need potatoes

Please suck less.

User Info: SnAkE_Is_HeRe23

8 years ago#6
The Kashyyk one is a little tricky, but its worth it just because of how awesome the hilt looks( the four pronged Sith lightsaber)

Before you fight the Imperial officer driving the super AT ST, there will be two areas of stormtroopers. In the area before the boss fight, the saber hilt is hidden in one of the bushes. I dont remember which one, but after you have defeated all of the storm troopers just go around force pushing everything in the area and you will have one of the coolest looking lightsaber hilts in the game. Hope this helps. I will try to take a picture of the area.

User Info: GunShade

8 years ago#7
6> Dark Felucia
A second one can be found after the Bull Rancor Battle. It's on the ground where you first entered the

User Info: Razielim423

8 years ago#8
I think you copied and pasted what some other people and I said, oh well at least people will know the locations.

User Info: polskamax

8 years ago#9
it would be great if u could post pictures of each hilt cause i have 8 and im not sure which is which...or i could give u the pics of mine and u could just ell me which map their from

User Info: polskamax

8 years ago#10
o and i forgot to add... you can only find 9 cause the 10th is the your starter hilt
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