GTA : Star Wars

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User Info: Prowdeegy

9 years ago#1
Hey Guys, i have an idea for a new game!

Gameplay : you will begin in any planet you choose, then you get to do anything you want or just kill people with your bare hand, you can buy weapons in shops, but lightsabers are only available if you make it yourself , or simply kill a jedi or sith.

you can dual wield blasters and lightsabers.

like any GTA, you will be able to go anywhere.

You can Join a war that anyone started

you can choose accessories like jetpacks, shields,etc.

there will be weapons like snipers, guided rocket, heavy blasters, orbital strikes,freeze gun,shotgun,recon droid etc.

you will be hunted by bounty hunters if you do so much crime

Yes, there are cheats

You can have any affiliation : Bounty Hunter, Jedi Council,etc.

You can go to an academy to increase your stats, like going to a jedi academy will increase your lightsaber and force skills,going to a shooting range will increase your blaster ability,etc.

while holding lightsabers, targetting will also block any attack depending on your lightsaber skill

You can choose the type and color of lightsabers as well as your fighting style

Jedi can use lightsabers AND blasters,while normal person can use blasters,if they use lightsabers,normal people won't be able to use it skillfully and have a chance to kill themselves

You can steal flying cars and starships to go to another planet or just travel around

Control Scheme :
On Foot
X=running,force speed
square=jump, force jump
O=use weapons
/\=steal vehicles
R=target;R+DPad down : free targetting
L=camera controls

While Targetting
As targetting with lightsabers will auto block, there will be no block button
X : Holding lightsaber : Force ;hit enemies with the butt of blaster (any other ideas?)
square : Jump
O= use weapons
/\ with any direction in analog stick : dodge, for jedi, it will be like STFU force dash
D-Pad : change targets

Vehicle : same as any other GTA + up to go up down to go down

you can change the type of force which is available after you become jedi/sith like you change weapon

if you free target without equipping anything you will use the force

any other idea??
oh yeah this is for PSP

people says practice makes perfect, the other says nothing is perfect so i say why practice?

User Info: MarioFanaticXV

9 years ago#2
No droyking way.

GTA is bad enough as it is, the last thing we need is such a formula corrupting the Star Wars series. How about a game in which there's an actual objective, something to DO?
"I look at every single [link ...] other mods have been known to send me unknown links so I can tell them what they are." -Demonoid Phenomenon

User Info: MagnumKain

9 years ago#3
3 words, Star Wars Galaxies.
SSBB FC: 2406-4818-4445

User Info: Ebacent72

9 years ago#4
Final Fantasy XI Online / Name: Ebacent / World: Odin

User Info: xXShadowerXx

9 years ago#5
Please suck less.

User Info: Prowdeegy

9 years ago#6
excuse me, change in control scheme

X= Use Force
Square= jump ; hold : sprint , force speed
O= Use Weapon

While Targetting

X = Use Force
Square = Jump
O = Use Weapon ; Lightsaber Light Attacks
/\= Non Lightsaber : Grapple ; Jedi : force grasp; In a Combo or after hitting O = Lightsaber Strong Attacks

Oh yeah the police in this game is imperial troops / republic troops

people says practice makes perfect, the other says nothing is perfect so i say why practice?

User Info: lovelyjohn

9 years ago#7
a cross between star wars and GTA would clearly be the best game ever.. but this will never happen

User Info: HanzoXXX

9 years ago#8
This game will MAYBE come out someday or maybe not.Cuz' it will be more difficult than being nice to yr granny or rival.Second,it WILL take more than 5 years to make it cuz' hey man,GTA the hardest game to make already took 3 years,plus ST TFU already took 8 years.Third,before u get to buy it it will probably got sold out already.Fourth,it is stupid anyway and the worst thing is WE WILL ALMOST TAKE MORE THAN 9 MONTHS TO MASTER ALL THE CONTROLS.Think boy/girl/shemale,controlling combos in SW TFU already is confusing,plus the missions?But we can dream of it anyway...

User Info: lostcali8

9 years ago#9

Ebacent72 posted...
Final Fantasy XI Online / Name: Ebacent / World: Odin

grow up kiddo..

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