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User Info: lala329

8 years ago#1
Cave Fishing List - Incomplete
This list is incomplete, I am still in the 1st generation (not sure if more fish show up 2nd gen). Also I have just started to record the fish I've caught after trying to find a fishing guide and coming up empty handed... so I thought I'd try to make one until a better one shows up ^_^ . My fishing list is at 43% right now... I'll try to keep adding as I catch more. Also feel free to fill in the blanks and add to the list..

Common Fish

CHUB - any season
lvl 1: 35G
lvl 2: 36G
lvl 3: 37G
lvl 4: 37G
lvl 5: 38G
lvl 6: 39G
lvl 1: 50G
lvl 2: 52G
lvl 3: 55G
lvl 4: 57G
lvl 5: 60G
lvl 6:

lvl 1: 30G
lvl 2:
lvl 3:
lvl 4:
lvl 5:
lvl 6:
NEEDLEFISH - Alvarna Port
lvl 1: 45G
lvl 2:
lvl 3:
lvl 4:
lvl 5:
lvl 6:

Messhina Valley, AUTUMN Cave:

SALMON - upriver (Path to the Mountain, Serene Garden, Path to the Shrine), Barrett's favorite
lvl 1: 120G
lvl 2:
lvl 3: 156G
lvl 4: 168G
lvl 5: 180G
lvl 6:
CRUCIAN CARP - upriver (Serene Garden left side)
lvl 1: 75G
lvl 2: 78G
lvl 3:
lvl 4:
lvl 5:
lvl 6:

Trieste Forest, SPRING cave:

lvl 1: 20G
lvl 2: 21G
lvl 3: 22G
lvl 4: 23G
lvl 5: 24G
lvl 6:

Blessia Island, SUMMER Cave:

CHAR - fresh water, Dorothy's favorite
lvl 1: 60G
lvl 2: 63G
lvl 3: 66G
lvl 4: 69G
lvl 5:
lvl 6: 90G
SARDINE - ocean
lvl 1: 70G
lvl 2:
lvl 3: 77G
lvl 4: 80G
lvl 5: 84G
lvl 6:
SHRIMP - ocean
lvl 1: 120G
lvl 2:
lvl 3: 240G
lvl 4: 360G
lvl 5:
lvl 6:
TURBOT - ocean
lvl 1: 78G
lvl 2:
lvl 3: 85G
lvl 4: 89G
lvl 5:
lvl 6:

Padova Mountains, WINTER Cave:
My fave fishing spot: next to the first farming plot where the silver wolf spawns. I usually don't kill the monster generator to the north so my pet wolf can keep farming wolf fangs for me while I fish (he can take them in one hit) :)

lvl 1: 42G
lvl 2: 44G
lvl 3: 46G
lvl 4: 48G
lvl 5: 50G
lvl 6:
lvl 1: 140G
lvl 2:
lvl 3: 182G
lvl 4:
lvl 5: 210G
lvl 6:

User Info: kikklik

8 years ago#2
how do you know your list is 43 percent complete?

User Info: lala329

8 years ago#3
that's what my shipping bin tells me...

User Info: tthoang86

8 years ago#4
u can get skip jack at the port, just fish near the ship

User Info: iksuru

8 years ago#5
Fall Flounder: Messhina Valley, Bridge to the Shine
Level 1: size 10 - 530g

User Info: Floating_Sakura

8 years ago#6
are the levels the level of your fishing skill? or the level of your fishing rod? or the level of the fish?

you can find Lover Snapper at the pond beside the school (one yue stood at during festival), standing in front of the broken branch. though it's rare to find it and require an upgraded rod.

you can also find Gibelio on east-end of town during fall.

User Info: _AbBaNdOn

8 years ago#7
The level info is meaningless.
"If you want some.........come get some"

User Info: lala329

8 years ago#8
yea sorry.. levels are totally meaningless, just worth more to ship..I recorded them for some reason, but will probably stop ^^"
you catch higher lvl fish when you charge your rod tho

User Info: lala329

8 years ago#9
plus I'm just entering my first autumn season... I probably should have waited till I finished the first year to make this list lol

User Info: Bladenyte

8 years ago#10
what about salmon? and love snappers?
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