For each the best weapon

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User Info: darknirwan

8 years ago#1

for you opinion what best each weapon in RF 2

(sword , two handed sword , axe, rod,hammer, shield, accesory)

give my the name all weapon think do your best for each weapon !!!

User Info: ThaiUser

8 years ago#2
One handed sword (Gravios if you don't have wifi to get Rune Blade) and Rune shield. If you max your level (which is very easy) and eat some vital gummi, you will take 1 from anything even with bosses.

User Info: Teravian

8 years ago#3
In your choppy English, I think I understand what you're asking, or wanting.

Short Sword: Rune Blade or Gorgeous Sword
Long Sword: Omni-Elemental
Spear: Dragon's Fang
Axe: Saint Axe
Hammer: ??? (I haven't worked with hammers that much, yet)
Rod: Rune Staff for usefulness, Magic Broom for INT boost

I regularly switch between the Rune Blade, Omni-Elemental, Dragon's Fang and Saint Axe. I also have a Rune Shield equipped along with Knight Boots and a Happy Ring. I'm level 78 and when I fought Fiersome all his attacks hit me for 1.
I tend to answer pretty quick, so check back soon.
When I'm here, I'm here for most of the day, so hang around and keep me company.

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