Symbols I obtain disappear later (wtf)

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User Info: Wes Ide

Wes Ide
9 years ago#1
So I finished the game, and used the Symbol Guide and Question Guide on here throughout the game.

I never got my Achievement for all 108 Symbols, so I looked back and found I was missing:
- Marionette: Submission
- Ant: Diligence

Marionette: Submission wasn't included in the guide, but luckily a search on the forum showed me that, "Second part of Bolvangar, when u try to destroy the separation machine u fight a man and the gold monkey, defeat the gold monkey by fighting not dodging and the submissive marionette will be given."

As for Ant: Diligence, I thought I had gotten it before. Its description says "Don't get spotted on the deck at all and it will be waiting in the room with the inspector right when you walk in. Don't get caught by the last guard or you will respawn before it and it won't be there." Ah well, I thought maybe I got spotted after having gotten it, respawned, and therefore lost it. It's a simple level, so I redid it from the start of it. I made it through without being seen, it popped as I entered the room, and I got it, notification and all. I then made it thru that room without having been seen by the guard in there and the level ended. It prompted me to save, so I did.

Next level began, Trollesund, which had me fighting as Iorek at the start. Once I got past that part and was in control of Lyra, I went to my pause menu and quit to main menu. I then loaded up Bolvanger, second part, to go for Marionette: Submission.

Before going for it though, I checked my Journal and... Ant: Diligence isn't there! What the hell?!

Anyone know what went wrong? I mean, I got the symbol and then completed the level, saved even, and didn't quit until next level. I can't imagine I need to complete the level afterwards, too, right?

Any ideas on this? I don't want to bother going for Marionette: Submission if the same thing will happen.

On a similar note, I could've sworn I got the question "Why did a place like Bolvangar exist?" as a Bonus Question received after completing Bolvanger the first time through, but it also isn't in my Journal anymore. So no idea how to get it (again) or why I lost it. And you don't get access to your Journal again in the next level after Bolvanger either (The Rescue).

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  3. Symbols I obtain disappear later (wtf)

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