second jump SPOILERS

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User Info: araknis69

9 years ago#1
okay, i have tried and tried to make it past this jump, but cant do it. i saw this probem on another post but he didnt say what jump. im stuck in the tutorial...i just got the pistol from the dresser in town without the bullets, and im running away form the people. you have to climb rocks and then make it past one jump where you have to use your whip, and then you have a second jump where you throw your whip at a tree and swing over...i cant land on the other side for nothing....any help would be great

User Info: Craig95

9 years ago#2
once you have your whip attached to the branch use LB to reel and then swing back and forward until u think ure close enough and then jump onto the edge helps you =)

User Info: The_Marshal

9 years ago#3
I've found that with that jump, it's better to jump at the end of the very first swing, as trying to rock back and forth will make you hit the ledge behind you and actually slow you down. Also, make sure you're attaching the whip to the branches towards the end of the tree; you need to stand right on the very edge of the cliff to do so. If you attach to the middle of the trunk, you won't make it over the gap.

That jump kept me hung up for a really long time and lots of deaths, as it did for a lot of people, so I hope this helps. It's an unfortunate frustration early on in the game that kept a lot of people from even trying the rest of the game, which is excellent.
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User Info: coligistro

9 years ago#4
Also, latching on to the branch as far to the right as possible and swinging out in an arc to the right helped me, and holding down forward and A when i released the whip. Good luck and good hunting.
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