Players needed for multiplayer achievements

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User Info: MachineGryphon

6 years ago#1
Hey, not sure if anyone even checks this board, but figured I'd try.

Basically I'm in need of a group of players to boost all the multiplayer achievements in this game. Hopefully I have one already (the guy I replied to 2 topics down), but for some of them we shall need five players, ourselves included. Not that I'd object to a mass group, though I doubt that'll happen with this game.

Even if I could actually just get into a multiplayer lobby, as none are ever up, the achievements in MP are ridiculous and I couldn't see them being earned legitimately even with a huge population.
Looking for people who don't mind sticking around after they've got their achievements to help out the rest of the group who assisted them, as I will do the same.

Also I am willing to help out any players with other games we might have in common after these are knocked out. Basically I really want this game done.
If interested, reply in the topic or send a message to GT: MachineGryphon.
Thanks in advance.
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