DMO no longer and MMO per THQ

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User Info: Zeran_kariashi

5 years ago#31
Wait? TOR was an MMO!? WHAT!? I just thought it was always online single player game, that blizzard copied for D3....!? I'm shocked at this revelation....I mean utterly....OTHER people could've helped with those missions!?...meh..I'm over that shock....

Back on topic...


This was my last hope for a half-decent computer game in the modern era....DIablo 3 is a watered down horrible rape of everything that made diablo 2 great...well...the graphics are kinda nice I guess...but that's about the only thing I can say that's nice about it....Wish the RMAH would hurry up and go live so I can recoup that waste of 60 bucks.

Ugh...I might have to start looking into GW 2....I've been purposely avoiding it so I don't suffer any hype backlash when it finally comes out, since it sounds like it'll be the only thing worth a damn to come out in the near

PLZ GOD don't let them turn this into another Smurf fest. I know they already said that the black templars were going to be the space marine chapter but....ugh...things can change so fast...and I wanted Eldar damnit!?

Still, it might be ok. Kingdoms of Amalur was originally planned as an MMO, but very early in they decided to test the waters with a single player game first, and it turned out ok. The lack of Difficulty needs major work, but beyond that, it's a decent game.

User Info: Skel Ettin

Skel Ettin
5 years ago#32
I'd rather a solid Single player game, than a poor MMO. W40K deserves only quality
"Carter, hand me my thinking grenades." Peter (Family Guy)

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