How to make cash in Civ?

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User Info: Duke_Dude

7 years ago#1

Hi Guys,

So after reading GS's new preview on Civ V I decided to touch up on my Civ skills, but their is one thing that I cannot do. How do I make some decent cash/gold in the Civ series? I can make a large empire and build armies and what not, but I can't seem to make money on top of that. I can't support a large army (30-40 units at max) and majority of the time I have to set my research tab to 20% and I can't even support Culture production or Espionage. Now I don't want that to happen to me in Civ V, so can anyone tell me how to make gold/cash? I do improve almost every single tile with roads,mines, villages, farms... I never have an empty tile.

Will making cash/gold be a bit harder in Civ V as well?


User Info: LordSaczva

7 years ago#2


User Info: julbull73

7 years ago#3
I hope its a bit more realistic. I always went the route of tech selling to fund everything. Corruption and miltary upkeep become far too great a hassle in the military scenarios. Culture is too expensive to maintain without multiple wonders or a religion. However, that could be a blindspot due to my play style.

User Info: Cabose420

7 years ago#4
LordSaczva posted...



User Info: Jonkenden

7 years ago#5
Best bet is usually building smaller villages that eventually evolve into towns, I think being near the coast gives extra gold? and if you are near mountains you might get lucky and find gold to mine for good income.

User Info: WtRchUCK

7 years ago#6
Are you talking about Civ IV? If so, don't neglect trade routes. It's not a lot of gold, but it can start adding up pretty quick. Also, the game pretty much tells you, but expanding out too far/having too many units pre-Currency is a very, very bad idea. If you get to the point where you have to keep disbanding your units as you make them to keep your research slider above 50% pre-currency, you've probably lost the game on anything higher then the medium difficulties, even if you're the biggest civ.

And like it was mentioned before, towns. You can't have every city just maximizing production. Especially early on, a hamlet on a flood plain, especially for a financial civ, is way more important then any production tile.

Also, if you're trying to tech and running out of money, don't be afraid to start building a wonder that you know you'll never finish. When you get beat to it, the gold you get refunded is as if you had that city building $. Obviously this is pre-currency, but definitely helps if you're getting units deserting and your slider is at 0%.

As far as everything else goes, for the most part, the culture slider isn't something you need to bother with unless you have a specific reason, and the espionage slider is only useful if you plan on stealing techs from another civ, and if that's the case, make sure you give them 100% of the funding on the espionage screen!
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