Buying unconquered land?

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User Info: freestyler_85

7 years ago#1

Whats the reason for having to pay money to buy tiles that don't belong to anyone? You're telling me early settlers just payed some anonymous person gold to take territory that was nearby their villages? Who the hell came up with this one..

User Info: xSuperGoatx

7 years ago#2
It just so you can expand faster if you have the money
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User Info: kilauea

7 years ago#3
It is a bit odd. I like to think of it as expending resources on logistical expenses, not necessarily paying an anonymous landlord.

User Info: meowmeowbobo

7 years ago#4
it's sort of like government paying extra incentive for people to work in land that isn't normally worked at. Like tax cuts or government reimbursement

Happens all the time in real life.

User Info: domino_era

7 years ago#5
You're not paying for the land, you're paying to develop the land silly. That ain't free.
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User Info: Yst

7 years ago#6
Although I think gameplay should always come before historicity, I can think of any number of historical analogies for this. The land isn't necessarily unoccupied. It's simply uncivilised. You are paying to make it a land which bows to your culture, which works at your behest and which is home to your armies and people. Perhaps you are bribing its inhabitants to yield it to you. Perhaps you are paying your citizens to move in and occupy it. The mechanic is so simple it could mean anything or nothing. But that's what you get when you try to create a set of simple game mechanics which encompass the nature and structure of human development through the millennia.

User Info: diving_devil46

7 years ago#7
I don't really like this mechanic; it makes coinage far too useful.

And whilst thinking about it logically; you can claim that it's bribing the uncivilized or whatever; but it's sort of funnier to think of a divine landlord that owns every square on the map that isn't occupied...

Hey maybe God needs money too?

User Info: fartknocker01

7 years ago#8
Hey maybe God needs money too?

Of course he does. You are supposed to tithe 10% of your income to him...

User Info: AuspexAO

7 years ago#9
"I don't really like this mechanic; it makes coinage far too useful."

Money makes the world go 'round :P
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User Info: mfwahwah

7 years ago#10
Eh, it's just a game play mechanic to me. Yeah, I suspend my disbelief while playing a video game. That's crazy right?

Anyway, just look at it this way: You're not paying some random "nobody." You're paying your citizens for upkeep. Keeping track of your land and maintaining it isn't free.
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