Can an archer capture a city?

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  3. Can an archer capture a city?

User Info: AEagleguy

6 years ago#1
France declared war on me, I know funny right?, i sent 6 archers to surround their city and brought it down but I couldn't capture it. They would just kept firing on the city. I didn't have any melee units at the time to try to capture it but it's was just odd that the archer wouldn't move into the city tile even though it had NO health,
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User Info: NormalCat

6 years ago#2
Use the move command to walk into it.

(I'm just guessing, but that's how you capture non combat units with archers)
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User Info: BackgroundCreep

6 years ago#3
The answer is no. You cannot use range unit to capture the city. But I heard from the board that AI can do it though.

User Info: ilive4eva

6 years ago#4
Archers CAN capture cities, they just have to melee attack the city. All ground range unit can also melee attack they're just not very good at it, therefore best to get the city down to 1hp and then melee attack with the Archer to capture.
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User Info: Seanman42

6 years ago#5
I'm having major problems with this. I have 2 archers surround the enemy's capital city. 1 archer fires and brings it down to 1hp, and I try to capture with the other. I use the melee move command and click, to try to get him to move into the city but nothing happens. When I drag right click him to move into the city, he simply range attacks it and it does not do additional damage to the city.

Can we get a definitive answer on this?

User Info: Gegend

6 years ago#6
I accidently melee attacked a city with my turbulent once. It was a draw though so I don’t know for sure if the turbulent can enter. But I am guessing it can since it can melee attack.
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User Info: sth128

6 years ago#7
Turbulent? You attacked a city with airliner vomit?

I think you mean trebuchet, a classical age artillery.

User Info: Gegend

6 years ago#8
^ I swear that happen to me when an enemy aircraft passed by.
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  3. Can an archer capture a city?

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