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User Info: RJDoute

6 years ago#1
I'm a big Civ fan and I'm currently downloading Civ 5 from Steam. While I wait, are there any mods that you absolutely recommend I pick up? I don't want to change the gameplay dramatically, but I did read about one that makes roads cheaper on these boards. I can't find that one in particular but I did see a few others.

What mods do you suggest that make the gameplay more enjoyable? If you would also link me to them I would be infinitely grateful. Thank you in advance!


User Info: VulpesMundi

6 years ago#2
I personally don't use any mods (yet), but if I did (and likely will in the near future) I would definitely pick the one that starts you with a worker and a scout, just to speed up the start of a game.
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User Info: RJDoute

6 years ago#3
Perhaps a link to said mod? Thank you.


User Info: LtShelfLife

6 years ago#4
I don't use mods yet either (well I did once) but the Settler running shoes is good, makes the start of the game more bearable. Don't have a link but just search for running shoes in the game mod browser thing and it should find it easily.
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User Info: NoisyPinkBubble

6 years ago#5
Only ones I've tried are the Balance mods, from Thal-something. Didnt think they would change the game much but they made things much more fun imo.
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User Info: stalkerdc

6 years ago#6
It's not possible to provide links as it's all done through the Civ 5 interface.

The mods I (have just started) using are:

Free Roads (Zero Road Maintenance)
Good Clock (sticks a 24 hours clock in the top right)
Great People Info (Puts a bar before your resources that tells you progress towards your next Great Person(s))
Growth Notification (tells you when a city expands it's borders)
No XP Cap for Barbarians (You can know skill up your warriors by curb-stomping barbarians)
Scout and Worker Start (you start with a Scout and Worker as well as Settler and Warrior at the start)

User Info: RJDoute

6 years ago#7
Ah, thanks everyone! I had no idea the ingame browser allowed for modding. :) Happy conquering!

User Info: OrangePoet

6 years ago#8
zero road maintenance mod is definitly a good mod to have.
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User Info: kingrc69

6 years ago#9
I like the mods that start each civ in their proper starting spots on the earth map. I like having everyone where they should be. However mods (at least for me, and i've read others having the same problems) seem to crap out on me after 200-300 turns for some reason. This is the only mod I've really tried and it may just be cuz theirs so many things going on; I downloaded the legendary map mod and the realearth mod and both have almost everyone on the map as well as at least 20 city-states so it may just be because of so much going on.

But I do enjoy them, will enjoy them more after they fix the AI a bit.

User Info: GKourp21

6 years ago#10
i like the one that starts everyone off in the right place on the earth map

i haven't used any others though
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