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User Info: Richter13

5 years ago#1
In your opinion - which Civ deserved to be much higher on the list? - Results (133 votes)
18.05% (24 votes)
4.51% (6 votes)
15.79% (21 votes)
3.76% (5 votes)
6.02% (8 votes)
15.04% (20 votes)
18.05% (24 votes)
9.02% (12 votes)
9.77% (13 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I decided to have a bit of a go with the old topic, seeing as it caused a couple of argumentative bickering.
It became a multipage topic of myself trying to explain to some neckbeards (lol I love the term)
- that while I do take note of some corrections, my opinion will simply "not be changed on-the-fly" because people said X is better than Y.

I took the liberty of trying out Civs repeatedly some weeks ago, after players agreed/disagreed on some choices in a previous list.
Some of those changes you'll see here.

To emphasize the point - as has been stated many times - this is merely the work of one person (myself).

So please understand the following:
80% = based on my experiences while playing
15% = based on guides/topics people have made
5% = from opinions of people in two previous lists I made; and the reason for this being a minor percentage is because I "re-play" the Civs, thus it overlaps with the previously mentioned eighty percent

We assume the following:
- We play a large/huge map
- Continents or Earth
(this ensures "balance" for every Civ involved, as there would be no "omg! England is OP in archipelago maps"types of judgment)
- Game Speed is variable
(and I'll make notations for specific Civs at which ones they're greatly effective in)
- City States are around 15 or more
- Difficulty is in the "moderate to hard" settings (above Warlord, below Deity)
- Everything else is default

Lastly, the entire list is broken down into tiers:
- For a total of 34 Civs

This means if a Civ is placed in the EPIC tier, and is #1, only its placement in the tier suffices (meaning it's part of the bunch). It is NOT meant to be taken literally that it is the number one Civ EVARRR.
Likewise, a Civ at #34, it doesn't mean it's dead-last, just part of the bunch that lags behind the rest.

Again - this is merely a work of personal opinion and experience.

Feel free to discuss
- but in no way, shape, or form, should anyone attempt to force their own opinion/experience as absolute fact, or their preference more than their entitled to.


User Info: Richter13

5 years ago#2
= These Civs are considered by many to be the best as of the present. You'll find that you can win in many ways, and can out-think and out-gun your opponents in different ways. The bonuses you gain from each unique-'stuff' they have are amazing compared to most others.


- Diplomatic Marriage UA:
costs a very low amount of gold and nets you all the bonuses; imagine being late in the game, taking a 14-15 population City State, with fully improved territory and advanced units (and multiply that by as many city states)

- Coffee House UB:
gives the windmill's bonuses, great person production, can even be built on hilltop cities

- Hussar UU:
a game-changer when you prop your 'meat shields' upon advancing, then taking the enemy by surprise on their sides

Bottom Line:
Austria completely changes how the game is played. Your opponent might think you're outnumbered, or out-tech'd - and a couple of diplo-marriages later and your units/pop are even better than his.


- Ingenuity UA:
more great scientists created; free great scientist once you've researched writing - more academies - the only outcome would be eclipsing every other Civ with your tech easily (regardless of GS changes)

- Walls of Babylon UB:
increased defense, increased bombardment; an absolute savior (coupled with their UU) vs. early rushes from aggressive Civs

- Bowman UU:
makes your ranged units capable frontliners for early warmongering (very slightly); or, coupled with the walls, a terrifying defense force

Bottom Line:
Babylon remains at the forefront for winning science victories - and, by proxy - conquest once you out-tech your opponents and send in better units.

3 => CHINA

- Art of War UA:
gives good defensive/offensive support with Great General generation, made even more critical with the need to culture bomb

- Paper Maker UB:
nets gold and science without maintenance; one of the best unique buildings in-game

- Chu-Ko-Nu UU:
double attacks per turn is amazing for their era and further on once upgraded and promoted

Bottom Line:
China is perhaps a jack-of-all-trades, yet still a master of each. You get military beefyness with your chukonu and general support; the old culture bomb (for those hard to reach tiles); and a great unique building.


- Trade Caravans UA:
maximize yield by building cities 6-7 tiles apart, and connecting them once they have four or more population; the doubled oil resource is great for trading and aggressive 'checking' of opponents once you hit the Modern Era

- Bazaar UB:
a great building for the extra luxury resource (extra happiness for you; or a good reserve for trading)

- Camel Archer UU:
personally not much of a fan of this (I prefer other UU's of the same sort), though it is a great unit for its era in and of itself

Bottom Line:
With start bias, rush Petra and Desert Folklore for best results when using this Civ; perhaps the best 'money-making' Civ; great in diplo-trading once you have lots of oil (just beware of Civs out-producing you with tanks/ironclads/bombers due to the resources you sell).

User Info: Richter13

5 years ago#3

- Wayfinding UA:
one of the most amazing unique abilities for a Civ. Enable start bias and you'll end up on the coast or an island. Explore the known world before everyone else and be richer/happier a hundred turns before everyone else.

- Moai UI:
a unique improvement that improves on its yield later in tech; you'll want a lot of these dotting your coastlines

- Maori Warrior:
gives a slight debuff to those attacking it, and for an early-game unit, this is great, as the ability is retained upon upgrading the unit

Bottom Line:
Polynesia is basically just culture - from start to finish - just put up moais wherever water touches land.
The UA though is godly. You'll find ruins, city states, wonders - and all the benefits that come from finding them first. Assuming you play on Epic or Marathon, you'll just leave everyone in the dust.


- Spirit of Adwa UA:
one of the best abilities for a Civ since you get a permanent combat bonus for having fewer cities than your opponent (the AI tends to build dozens)

- Stele UB:
culture and faith rolled into one ensures you get a pantheon/religion faster than 'most' others

- Mehar Sefari UU:
a good defensive unit which, if playing as Ethiopia, is what you'd mostly end up doing (defending)

Bottom Line:
Ethiopia when played with a defensive mentality will give you a good playing experience, and most likely a cultural win, as the AI (and majority of human players) will build more cities than you. Less cities for you means a combat bonus; and less culture points needed for your next policy.

= These Civs remain near the top and can prove to ones you can easily run away with the victory, although the first six (for reasons stated), are better if only slightly.

7 => SIAM

- Father Governs Children UA:
so useful that you might not even need to build a farm, or focus on Food in the City Management screen

- Wat UB:
provides both science and culture

- Naresuan's Elephant UU:
leaves less to be desired against AI (most wouldn't build that much cavalry yet), but good against human players

Bottom Line:
Even with the changes to city state mechanics, Siam still reaps great benefits due to the extra bonuses from befriended city states. You'll only need to maintain a friendly status which is extremely easy to do.


- Sun Never Sets UA:
the huge change in mechanics for naval units (and naval combat) sees England still ruling the waves in both offense and defense with their movement/sight bonuses;
the extra spy is amazing

- Ship Of The Line UU:
the strongest unique naval unit in the game; can attack from range, coupled with UA bonuses and the wonders you're sure to go for make this a must-have;

- Longbowman UU:
still a decent unit with the massive, no-need-for-promotion extra range; can someone confirm if this persists upon upgrades (ie. 3-range gatling guns?)

Bottom Line: The synergy for all three uniques of England are amazingly well-tuned.
A fast, powerful navy for offense and defense; longbowmen as cheap "artillery" for sieging and holding out.
Finally having a bonus spy plays a big factor as you can use both to steal techs, or one to steal and the other for counterintelligence purposes.

User Info: Richter13

5 years ago#4
9 => KOREA

Scholars of the Jade Hall UA: Is great for getting heaps of science - from specialists, great people sacrificing, and simply producing science buildings or wonders in your capital (which you're most likely to do with any Civ any way).

Hwacha UU: an odd ranged siege unit that's stronger vs. units than cities; better for defense

Turtle Ship UU: a ship with heavy defense which cannot enter ocean tiles; once again, for defense

Bottom Line:
Korea just might give Babylon a run for its money as the best-suited Civ for Science victories. That said, the units themselves leave little to be desired. What's the use of producing a siege weapon vs. enemy units, when you can have archers that can defend instead? And ships that cannot enter ocean tiles means you're generally screwed unless you're gifted by a city state; or you get a great admiral.

10 => PERSIA

- Achaemenid Legacy UA:
Still the same old GA-crazy ability from vanilla.

- Immortal UU:
the bonus vs. mounted units isn't as flashy (due to how infrequent the AI makes mounted units); though the improved healing rate is great

- Satrap's Court UB:
the extra happiness, alongside the gold provided by banks, still make this a wonderful unique building

Bottom Line:
You'll still want to rush Chichen Itza.
Only difference now is - since only great artists can start Golden Ages, you'll probably have to hope to pump out more of them (city focus), or rushing Louvre, or, later on, completing the Freedom SP tree and use up all your faith to buy them.
Basically the change to GA's is the reason Persia dropped down a notch for me.

11 => RUSSIA

- Siberian Riches UA
some people might go "oh it's situational", though not in my case as I've usually ended up in iron/horse-numerous areas on start; and at least five uranium deposits late in the game after expanding

- Krepost UB
unsure if the bug is fixed yet, but go ahead and build kreposts in each city to help out with border expansion

- Cossack UU
for me, this unit has made a huge difference against huge offensive and defensive wars; you can have archers, cities, ranged ships, bombers, etc - pelt each enemy unit - and once you send your cossack in it will usually show "major / decisive victory"

Bottom Line:
The UA is pretty great - the extra production for fast building and churning out units - in itself is a huge advantage. The double resources provide early and late-period trading opportunities - a lot of gold for what other Civs can only find in limited quantities.

12 => EGYPT

- Monument Builders UA:
on its own, it's already good, but coupled with Aristocracy (Tradition SP), and a source/trade-off of marble, and you'll be cranking out wonders with no one able to catch up

- Burial Tomb UB:
easy to build early on and gives a good amount of happiness to offset growth

- War Chariot UU:
increased damage and movement, makes this unit an easy "i win" button just by getting as many of them in early games

Bottom Line:
A strong early-game unit; and hoarding wonders consistently; happy while growing; these factors make Egypt games probably some of the easiest and best ones you'll have.

User Info: Richter13

5 years ago#5
= These Civs have very good characteristics and uniqueness to them, perhaps not so much as the previous ones mentioned, but, if competently played, they might be able to surpass them.

13 => FRANCE

- Ancient Regime UA:
France is still ahead of the competition when it comes to zooming in for social policies in the early game, combine these with policies to increase culture generation and decreasing policy costs, and you'll have completed multiple branches by the time the UA is obsolete

- Musketeer UU:
the strongest musketman unit of its kind, 'nuff said

- Foreign Legion UU:
the unique trait is what sets this apart from most other units, even though it comes fairly late in the game, that alone makes it worth using (especially after you've promoted veteran units to this)

Bottom Line:
France for me is a very one-sided affair: "start small (for a long ass time) then expand".
What made me take further interest is how extremely well each era transitions to the next - an early-mid UA, then going to a mid UU, and to another late UU - you'll have positives to factor in.


- River Warlord UA:
Since all embarked units can defend, Songhai is just befier, and with Amphibious promotion. A deadly combination.

- Mud Pyramid Mosque UB:
You get faith, culture and artist creation. Sweet deal!

- Mandelaku Cavalry UU:
Move after attacking; no penalty vs. cities. It's like semi-battering rams on wheels (hooves!)

Bottom Line:
Songhai is deadly especially at the hands of someone who looks at the lay of the land. Majority of players, and the AI in general, will settle on riverside or coastal cities (to maximize food yield) - just for you to gobble them with Mandelaku swarms, whilst your Mud Pyramids generate all the sweetness.


- Patrarchiate of Constantinople UA:
I'll explain this below...

- Cataphract UU:
slightly stronger and beefier makes this horseman replacement ideal for defense and offense (and it doesn't turn to a lancer thank god)

- Dromon UU:
as long as your first city is a coastal one, and once you get Sailing, you can effectively take control of multiple islands and your own coastline

Bottom Line:
If you can get your first pantheon/prophet - you can get the best beliefs (along with the UA).
Eliminate the painful choice of getting either Fertility Rites or Messenger of the Gods (when you can get both). Can't decide between Asceticism or Ceremonial Burial (take 'em both).
A better/long-term plan is you can lock out potential 'faith + location dependent Civs' - (like the Celts or Arabia) - if you started in zones similar to theirs, and take location beliefs before they could.
The possibilities are endless. The only reason Byzantium's ranked lower is the extreme focus on your first few turns - entirely determining your success.

16 => INDIA

- Population Growth UA:
happiness still plays a huge factor to games; India's UA is somewhat offset by bonuses you receive from the city state mechanics and religion, this makes the UA slightly 'bland'

- Mughal Fort
somewhat decent defensive building especially for the extra culture

- War Elephant
a great unit to replace the chariot archer; with start bias, you'll most probably end up in jungle/forest areas, thus making this replacement very worthwhile

Bottom Line:
You still get a good unit and building; the UA isn't much to jump-for-joy about. It can either play a huge factor with the victory you're aiming for, and the right religion/city state relations.

User Info: Richter13

5 years ago#6

- Phoenician Heritage UA:
don't bother wasting gold on roads, just build cities throughout the continental coasts; instant trade routes via your free harbors upon researching an early tech

- African Forest Elephant UU:
defending your borders, even surprise attacks from mountains, generating a great general or striking fear vs opponents

- Quinquereme UU:
OK unit for easily defending your many coastal territories and expanding onward

Bottom Line:
The fact that you don't need to pay lots of gold just to have a trade route is an amazing save in itself. And that you have good units to defend, and possibly conquer (as long as it's NOT too far inland), is icing on the cake.

18 => JAPAN
- Bushido UA:
no other Civ epitomizes imbalance in straight up fistfights than Japan with this UA

- Samurai:
is it just a promotion? well, combine it with Bushido, and damn, you've got yourself a medieval asskicker; rack up promotions to demolish anything endgame once you've upgraded

- Zero:
completely unnecessary; the AI barely builds aircraft, and your production is better spent making ground units (and maybe some ships if needed)

Bottom Line:
Japan only sees the red in everything. Don't bother going for any other victory type, you're simply out there to attack and keep attacking - and you'll do a great job of it.
It has a near useless UU, but it's made up for by the synergy between its other UU and UA.

19 => CELTS

- Druidic Lore UA:
with start bias enabled, you'll rush to get the first pantheon, perhaps the first religion as well; and then... you'll realize you'll need to find some hills or somewhere to build a mine or quarry (or your production will suffer due to avoiding making lumber mills)

- Ceilidh Hall UB:
three happy points! three HAPPY POINTS!!! HAPPY HAPPY!

- Pictish Warrior UU:
an ancient version of the Foreign Legion that can pillage without movement cost, quite possibly the frontrunner for best infantry unit in the game (whatever time period it may be)

Bottom Line:
The Celts have a UB/UU combination that's amazing. The problem lies with the UA in that it's highly dependent on your location.
Your saving grace is having the first pantheon/religion - and afterwards you'll have to make sure your surroundings (and that of City States or nearby Civs to occupy) can take advantage of that.

20 => GREECE

- Hellenic League UA:
The UA is still amazing even in G&K, although I felt the changes with CS mechanics and espionage have lowered its placing a lot

- Hoplite UU:
An early game melee unit that's good against mounted opponents - wherein most AI don't build mounted units, and if they do they create mounted ranged ones - derp

- Companion Cavalry UU:
which gives us this unit, a mounted one for melee combat; once amazing now, again, pales in comparison to other unique units of other Civs of its timeline

Bottom Line:
Rounding out the top 20 is the former top dawg (aka. OP CIV OH NOEZ) of pre-expansion days.
With the changes to City State mechanics, Greece is left at a precarious position.
Oftentimes, this player has been too "stretched out" to make effective use of the UA, and, even trying his best, will almost, always be sneaked out by a mission completion (and there are dozens), a coup/rig (even more numerous), and so on, which makes it even more of a chore.
Still, if you can find a foothold and control less than a half dozen states or so, and just focus on them, you can still do well.

User Info: Richter13

5 years ago#7
= Like the tier name says, in my opinion these guys are middle of the pack. I've won and lost games using these Civs, never having that "epic moment" of thoroughly crushing the competition unlike those previously mentioned.


East India Company UA:
- a UA most people scoff at but is hugely advantageous for money making and happiness

Polder UI:
- huge bonus food that is fully taken advantage of with the right policies and city buildings; you'll effectively be able to set to full production without fearing starvation hits especially in water-scarce areas

Sea Beggar UU:
- a privateer with two extra promotions? take out ships handily, and nefarious hostile cities; while being able to heal fast? YES PLEASE

Bottom Line:
People don't realize the value of the uniques of this Civ.
On your first couple of cities, look at your luxury resources. Try and sell them for gold - and say goodbye to happiness from them for several turns - but not for the Dutch.
Your strengths are through trading and making money with what you have; keeping your growth and happiness at a high level; at the same time making your rivals poorer works out in short/long term goals
The UU may go against the "peaceful trading" mentality, but it gets better upon upgrading once you feel the need to conquer someone getting too far ahead.

22 => ROME

- The Glory of Rome UA:
if you're a player with an expansionist's mentality, Rome is the perfect choice with this UA; you basically build everything on your capital anyways, and the boost for your other cities when building similar structures is handy

- Legion UU:
the best feature of the legion is that it can build roads, giving you an extra worker of sorts; problem is, you still need iron, and you still need gold for maintenance (and being a Classical Period unit, you won't have much of it to spare unless you're off to a great start); upgrading this unit and the uniqueness is gone

- Ballista UU:
let's face it, are you really going to waste your first 100 turns by building two or three of these?

Bottom Line:
Rome is all about expansion - and the UA more than makes up for the underwhelming units. The Civ best shines from mid to late game, where you'll have a lot of territory, and a lot of cities, and semi-replicating your capital faster than anyone else. But the units themselves are from such an early period that they don't synergize that well.


- Barbary Corsairs UA:
Explained more below...

- Sipahi UU:
extra sight and no cost to pillage are good bonuses, even though lancers are quite ineffective

- Janissary
a strong unit in itself and healing upon a kill make this very valuable

Bottom Line:
Naval combat has had a huge overhaul with G&K. Ottomans used to be at the bottom of most players' minds, but the change is for the better.
One trireme - park it next a few tiles from a coastal barbarian encampment - and you might get even ranged ships at your command - amazing once barbs tech up as well.

24 => INCAS

- The Great Andean Road UA:
hills hills and lots of hills; most maps people play on tend to have hilly features, then again, assuming we're playing on a huge Continents/Earth map, you will end up in hilly regions, you'll have a fully improved territory in no time.

- Terrace Farm UI:
this improvement is an om-nom-nom producing behemoth, most likely never letting you worry about starvation or citizen birth; and allowing for more specialists (food consumption negated by how much you have)

- Slinger UU:
If Babylon had a great archer replacement with the bowman, the Incas get a sad, sorry lump with the slinger

Bottom Line:
The Incas have a great UA, a pretty decent UI, and a terrible UU.

User Info: Richter13

5 years ago#8

- Mongol Terror UA:
increased movement for all mounted units and bonus vs. city states make this a warmongering Civ that is more for big strategic planning

- Keshik UU:
fully synergizes with the UA in that you have an amazing unit for early game advantage

- Khan UGP:
a great general with more movement yet the same bonuses means you can bring your mounted army through forests and jungles, and still have the khan near them to provide supportive bonuses

Bottom Line:
The Mongols can swarm around huge areas decimating every unit, though you'll find sieges as hard as most others. Given that you have no other unique things catering to another victory, you'll have to go to war often.
Everyone will be very hostile against you, expect that, thankfully your unique-everything are more than suited for the occasion.

26 => AZTECS

- Sacrificial Captives UA:
get Honor for your first social policy opener, go hunt for barbarians and watch the pink numbers rack up

- Floating Gardens UB:
bonus for working tiles, and I still feel that the nominal and percentile growth bonuses are somewhat situational to say the least

- Jaguar UU:
I love this unit, especially for the early game fights. The combat bonus in jungles more than makes up for any other shortcomings. Remember this ability is retained after upgrading, and take note that most Civs (AI and players) will leave jungles untouched for the science bonus - bring in your Jaguar Riflemen for the lulz.

Bottom Line:
A favorite aggressive/warmongering Civ for most players to fight against, yet I don't believe there are many who play it. You can try to focus a bit on the cultural aspect, and do surgical strikes on Civs that tend to sit their cities in jungles.
Another guide states just teching up, then defensively decimating everyone, racking up to a cultural victory.

27 => HUNS

- Scourge of God UA:
free Animal Husbandry tech and production from pastures, faster razing, and the naming scheme; these features make this UA a perfect fit for the Huns' nomadic lifestyle:
"attack city -> burn city -> attack next city"

- Horse Archer UU:
an early game unit that once again emphasizes military dominance from the get-go

- Battering Ram:
+300 vs cities.. uhh.. what else can I say?

Bottom Line:
Your warrior explores the area while you build a horse archer - finds a ruin - gets turned to a Battering Ram. Say goodbye to the first two cities you encounter.

Mind you - the Huns are this low due to the reasons they're this high as well.

As any Starcraft player would know - the Huns are this game's "Zerg" - and most Zerg will put the brunt of their entire war machine on the first rush. It's either a quick domination, or a disaster - either way either the Hun player or his opponent would quit.
At the same time, if you're playing vs AI in higher difficulties, you'd be hard-pressed to break through due to their bonus units.


- The Great Warpath UA:
forests and jungles in friendly territory act as roads and traderoutes - and these tiles are plentiful early in the game which will save you time and gold; the downside is that when the game goes pretty late, and other Civs are improving further on, forests and jungles will disappear (such is the human idea of progress IRL, hehe)

- Longhouse UB:
a building that goes hand in hand with a lot of production, as long as you've got forests around

- Mohawk Warrior UU:
it's a jaguar with a lower combat bonus inside trees, what else is there to say?

Bottom Line:
The Iriquois are very decent, especially for production purposes.
Consult guides as to how to rush effectively when using them; in the same case, beware that being in forests/focusing on production will stunt growth.

User Info: Richter13

5 years ago#9
= They aren't all "too bad" so to speak, some are decent, but in general they aren't as amazing as the ones before, and the disparity is even more glaring when compared to what I consider the top Civs


- Viking Fury UA:
you're basically a lot more mobile - when embarked, disembarking and pillaging -

- Berserker UU:
the zerker has an extra movement and the amphibious promotion

- Norwegian Ski Infantry:
good news - you have a unit that can traverse hills and snow so fast and with a combat bonus
bad news - how many of your opponents actually built cities near those zones?

Bottom Line:
The Vikings are a mixed-bag in that you've basically got the usefulness of their uniqueness down to a pat.
The problem is, being a pure offensive-minded Civ, you have no other ways to augment the growth.
While other warmongering Civs have capabilities (Songhai's mandelaku can swarm coastal/river cities without fail, and their mud pyramids give a lot of bonuses; China's chukonu rain death, while paper makers provide much help; Russia is geared for expansion), the Vikings are perhaps, as is in history, suited for shortsighted goals.
The latter UU doesn't help all that much either.


- Furor Teutonicus UA:
you have to hunt barbarians, you have to take their camp, you have to heal afterwards most likely

- Landsknecht UU:
the spammable midgame unit for the Civ is rendered impotent due to having nothing to fight where it has a bonus against, or that these are ranged and mounted, or that this unit upgrades to a lancer

- Panzer UU:
the ace in the hole and your final chance of dominating the game; did it come a little too late? Pray that you've got some oil, or Arabia is a good friend of yours.

Bottom Line:
Germany in -most regular games- is average at best.
You have one victory type in mind - domination - and three ways to do it:
Early game with barbarian recruits; midgame with landsknecht; late game with panzers - all of which have their downsides.

31 => MAYA

- The Long Count UA:
every 394 years, after you research Theology, you can get 1 Great Person (only one of each kind) - that's around 5-6 (unless I'm mistaken) before the turns ground to a halt

- Pyramid UB:
you have the Great Pyramids wonder, and the Songhai UB, and now the 'very common' pyramid; the good thing is it's a shrine with a science bonus

- Atlatist UU:
wait, an archer which you can get early on! awesome!
wait, Archery isn't researched yet? why wouldn't I just get warriors then?

Bottom Line:
The UB is very good. The UU is, just, weak.
The UA has some questionable uses - remember one GP every 394 years - one of each kind - meaning that you truly have to "TIME EVERYTHING RIGHT" - to get the most out of it.
The Civ is pretty decent, but nothing worth writing home about.

User Info: Richter13

5 years ago#10
32 => SWEDEN

- Nobel Prize UA:
explained below...

- Hakkapeliitta UU:
a unit that is as tough to spell as it acts in-game, the downside is that to fully take advantage of it, you'll need a great general stacked on it, which means you'll want to create least three running along side you to create a great offensive force

- Carolean UU:
it's an infantry with an instant March promotion and.. not much else..

Bottom Line:
The UUs are nothing outstanding frankly.
The UA snowballs to a huge amount of GP% generation, however, against multiple human players, they wouldn't be that easy to fool.
Another problem is against the AI, it's more trouble than its worth, as multiple DOFs lead to "unfair trading", begging, and getting entangled in wars/power blocs.
Fact is - for me at least - a bare minimum (say 30% GP generation, 3 DOFs), is fine, but not a huge game-changer; and barely enough to offset a 10% bonus for the AI with advantages the higher the difficulty.

33 => SPAIN

- Seven Cities of Gold UA:
I've read about a player who, on the first turn, had 1000 gold instantly after finding 2x Great Barrier Reefs on the coast.
How many players have had that happen?

- Conquistador UU:
uhhh, it can spot stuff further and can colonize in other continents? errmm

- Tercio UU:
a strong musketman unit with bonus against mounted... and then?

Bottom Line:
The UA is the very definition of 'situational'.
If you're the first to discover it, awesome! You just set yourself for majority of the game.
If not, you still get a bit more gold upon discovery; and a double to the work output - if it's in your worked tiles.

Here's what my main gripe is about Spain (as I've said before).
If you do not have a natural wonder near you, then you'll have to find one and settle near it - which can throw you off completely if you were expanding/trying to win in a different direction.

At the same time - the bonus sight for conquistadors comes too late to matter for me - as by then, movement-happy/exploration Civs are able to explore further at an early date, thus negating the big bonus from the UA itself.

And the fact that a UU encourages (or implies) colonizing overseas, might turn out to be a logistical/defensive nightmare.


- Manifest Destiny UA:

- Minutemen UU:

- B17 Bomber UU:

Bottom Line:
What can I say that hasn't been said before?
The +sight is good, but not a big deal. The tile purchasing discount even less so - as you can either expand normally unchallenged, or expand and cause a border war by buying straight next to a Civ.

I could count the times I've had to buy a tile because I was desperate for a resource with 0 hands - because I never had to.

The UUs are a mixed bag. The minuteman is decent enough with movement capabilities, especially for protecting a wide empire. The bomber comes too late (a sentiment echoed by many people), and by then, whatever game you're playing, there's probably already a clear winner.

And guess who it isn't?

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